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www Ewane Kur 2020
Www Ewane Kur (Jan) Online Educational Platform For Kids >> This article tells you about an online educational platform for children that offers video lectures to kids.

The online classes have helped resume education in the current situation. Kids, however, find it challenging to study online as they’re used to classroom experiences. www Ewane Kur offers interactive video lectures that children will benefit from.

The platform has gained some popularity in Iraq. If you want to know more about it, please move ahead and keep on reading.

What is Ewane Kur?

It is an online platform that contains eBooks and comprehensive and easily understandable video lectures primarily for children. The content of this website is in the Arabic language. The website is for users in Iraq and has gained some popularity in the country.

Let’s take a look at its features below:

Services offered by Ewane Kur

The services offered by www Ewane Kur are very beneficial. Let’s take a look at it:

  • It’s an online educational portal primarily targeted at young kids and children.
  • On the website, you have access to several books to ensure that the children receive a proper education.
  • An ID and a password are essential to gain access to this platform.
  • The language and the layout of the whole website is in Arabic.
  • The website also contains video lectures to some chapters in the books.
  • In the video lectures, the teachers are giving lessons similar to those in classes.
  • The teachers ensure that the children have a good time studying online and perform all activities to focus on the subject.
  • Comprehensive and easily understandable videos are available.
  • The quality of the videos is also high, and the lectures are well recorded.
  • Books of different subjects and video lectures are available on this platform.
  • The platform is for users in Iraq, as the lectures are also in their language. So, other users won’t find it very useful.

User Reviews

Despite offering high-quality video lectures and an extensive collection of books for children, the website lacks some popularity. The website is based in Iraq. Hence, it’s not popular in the English-speaking countries. It has received some recognition in its country. But we weren’t able to find any reviews of www Ewane Kur and its services.

Final Verdict

The Coronavirus has created problems for all of us, irrespective of what sector we work in. The education sector is one of the worst affected areas. All the activities and businesses revolving around education have suffered significant damage. Be it stationery business or book publishing companies, all have seen their business being affected by this pandemic.

Although the online classes are an excellent alternative to resume education, it isn’t as useful for children as they tend not to pay attention to online courses as they’re still very young.

To ensure that children receive proper education in these challenging times, the online portal of www Ewane Kur will prove to be very beneficial. Video lectures and books are available on this platform that children will find interesting.

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