Who Owns Parler (Nov) The Trending Story!

Who Owns Parler (Nov) The Trending Story!

Who Owns Parler (Nov) The Trending Story! -> The article renders help to all those who are gapping for the information of the parler.

Today is the high tech time for innovation. Isn’t it? So in this blog, we will share the story of one of the most outstanding innovations in the world of social platforms.

Every morning we got up and heard the news of the launch of an advanced technology that made us mesmerized. So, the same happened in 2018 in the United statesCanada, and Australia; they got their free speech focussed social platform known as Parler. 

The platform got attention for being the free speech-driven entity and proclaimed as a data safeguard and known as a community, not a governor or regulator. So, the main question that surely muddled in your head is – Who Owns Parler? Right? The right answer is Matze and Thomson is the mastermind behind the creation of parler.

Who owns Parler?

The owner of the Parler app is Matze and Thomson. The innovators were somewhere exhausted from other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter; the reason was a lack of transparency in both big tech platforms. So what’s next, they wondered, and in 2018 they came up with a strong vision and transform their vision into reality, i.e., Parler. 

The platform accepts people’s right to express and share their opinions, ideologies, and thoughts about current news, trending topics, or on any varied niche without any fear of being trapped by the big names. In Parler, your viewpoints get a reality check, and people will listen to you nor ban your identity like on Facebook or Twitter.

So, now you indeed get the answer to a million-dollar question- Who Owns Parler?.

What’s new in the Parler app?

Recently, as per our investigation, we found that Parler has added exciting features: let’s trace it in this section:

  • It has done improvisation in its User interface of latest parler version
  • Fixed various bugs
  • Five account limit is added, that one can be logged at the same time

The last update of Parler was done on October 28, 2020, with a size of 31 M and installation was in no of 1,000,000+ with the brand new version of 2.6.2, and it requires Android. For more information and gathering support, log in to support@parler.com.

Apart from that, you can talk on the Parler platform related to sports, news, entertainment, and politics and share thoughts of community leaders. One exciting thing is you can get hands-on GIFs. Vote, debate, and quickly caught up the trending news headlines and viral videos. 

The Parler user can customize their picture, background, and more and raise your voice about what you want to tell to the whole world.

We hope the article has bestowed correct information about Who Owns Parler and get insightful details.

What are the customer reviews about the parler?

As per the records, we found that many democratic have given five stars as per their parler journey and a great experience. And some have given three stars as they might find it challenging to spoke out what they feel, or their experience is not that great. 

Final Verdict

Parler has been a ray of hope for many people whose ideologies did not find the place on Facebook or Twitter. The platform has shown the light to many people who find themselves and their thoughts in the dark. So yes, why don’t you try parler and share your views with us.

We hope we have done full justice with your question, Who Owns Parler, and how they helped you in giving something extraordinary.

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