Who Owns Converse (Jan 2021) Revealed!

Who Owns Converse (Jan 2021) Revealed!

Who Owns Converse (Jan 2021) Revealed!>> We have talked about a legendary shoe brand to know who is the owner.  

Do you also like buying shoes from different brands? In this Who Owns Converse, we will discuss a very famous brand of shoes. If you know even a little bit of shoe brands then might have heard about converse shoes. 

The converse is a very old brand of shoes which is famous for its quality. It makes shoes for almost everyone and of all kinds. Of course, it is a legendary brand name for shoes which has been in existence for more than 100 years.

It is a very famous brand worldwide, but it has much craze in the United States, the United Kingdom and other parts of the world.Let us know about this further in this write-up. 

What are Converse Shoes?

Who Owns Converse is a very old yet legendary brand that is known for shoesIt is very famous because many famous personalities have been spotted wearing shoes of converse. The converse shoes were founded back in 1908 when its founder founded a rubber shoe company. The converse has been making different varieties, and qualities of shoes loved by its consumers.

The people worldwide know it from the names such as “chuck” and “Chuck Taylor’s” which also has a different story behind these names. Converse shoes are widely known for its basketball shoes, and they mainly started by making rubber shoes. Further, on Who Owns Conversewe will learn more about converse and find out who owes it.

Who is the owner of the converse?

Firstly, the converse was a different brand, but since 2003, when it was purchased by Nike, it is known by its parent company Nike. 

Nike also owns some world-famous brands like Hurley and Air Jordan. Nike purchased Converse for $305 million, and when Nike bought converse shoes, its annual sales were just $200 million. 

Since then, Who Owns Converse sales have increased upto ten times, and its sales is expanding more and more. So, purchasing converse has probably been one of the best decisions of Nike company. Nike also owns some world-famous brands like Hurley, air Jordan.


Let’s conclude this topic; if you want any important information related to this, then read this news piece. 

As we told you, this Converse brand had a separate brand identity before 2003, and after that, the Nike took over and now the converse is known under the brand name Nike.

Despite the troubles that converse has faced in the past, the classic brand is moving towards greater sales in the future. Converse also appears to gain more popularity among social media because of the social media influencers. Being famous in social media is also one reason it is very renowned, along with younger consumers. Even if you want, you can buy converse shoes from Amazon, converse and Nordstrom Rack.Tell us on the comment section below about your opinions on Who Owns Converse. Do share this who owns converse to inform others.

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