Who Owns Domain (Jan 2021) Details Inside!

Who Owns Domain 2021

Who Owns Domain (Jan 2021) Details Inside! >> The write-up is based on the research to give complete information about the redirecting site.

Who Owns Domain: Go and try to open; right now, you will find that it is redirecting to another online site. What does it mean? Is the domain name of the site changed, or it is owned by some else now? Curious to know? Then please continue reading here because we have researched and brought some crucial information here.

As the site is taking to official website, the United States people want to know Who Owns the Domain antifa.comnow? Is it under the new democratic administration? For more details and information, please read the article as below.

Who Owns Domain?

The redirecting aspect of to doesn’t likely mean that Mr. Biden, the current president of U.S owns it. Because anyone who owns a domain name can redirect it to any website, no affiliation or permission is needed to do so. So as of now, it is not clear anything about who owns the domain

Where is it Redirecting?

As soon as the 46th presidentship of the United States was handed over to Joe Biden, the official website of is redirecting to another site From then, the news going viral over the internet, and many want to know Who Owns the Domain

And the critical thing to note here is that it is not the first time Mr. Biden has been subjected to such redirecting hack. Earlier, has a history of redirecting to,, the Biden campaign, and the office’s official website respectively.

So, we have researched and brought some crucial information to answer this most asked question. Please keep reading.

Our Research

From our end, we tried to open the site with both “a” and “A” as the first letter of URL, both the links redirecting to Yes! Of course, it is taking to some other place, but we cannot say anything about its legitimacy.

Also, the owner has used privacy protection and has obscured their contact details in the who is results of the domain. Due to which, the domain’s owner is listed as Whois Guard, which is a company run by the US based registrar, Namecheap. Therefore, Who Owns Domain, is still not clear.

Reaction from the White House about This Troll

To this apparent hack, Mr. Biden’s digital director, Rob Flaherty, reacted like this “the VP has nothing to do with edging groups, whoever owns the redirecting it to official website of White House as a troll.”

Final Verdict

As said above, the site,, is redirecting to another location. But right now, it is not clear the authenticity of its nature. Seeing history, it is not the first time the Antifa getting diverted to Biden’s other official site. We hope the guide was helpful to you.

If you know anything more about the Who Owns Domain, please write to us in the comments section below.

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