What Time Does Walmart Open On Black Friday (Nov 2020)

What Time Does Walmart Open On Black Friday (Nov 2020)

What Time Does Walmart Open On Black Friday (Nov 2020)  >> Through this article, you will know what time Walmart will open on Black Friday this year.

Have you ever shopped at Walmart? 

If yes, then there is no arguing that you are floored by the multitude of items that the store sells. If not, then we advise you to visit the store once and become a fan for life!

The merchandise at Walmart is available at very reasonable rates.

Additionally, the store floors its customers with great offers and discounts around major festivals and occasions.

In the ongoing holiday season, Walmart has customers all over the United Statesinundate its various department stores to buy gifts for their loved ones.

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Come Black Friday, and customers flock to the store for its Black Friday sales event.

Let us learn through this news article What Time Does Walmart Open on Black Friday this year.

Before that, let us discover why Walmart is so popular among its customers.

What makes Walmart so popular?

Walmart is an American multinational retail house with a chain of hypermarkets across North America.

The store is a repository of almost everything. Fresh produce, grocery items, dairy products, electronics, toys, home supplies, stationery items, pet supplies, cosmetics, Beauty & Health products, or medicines- think of anything, and Walmart has it.

And can you imagine all this is available at budget-friendly prices?

No wonder Walmart is one of the most popular stores in North America, especially in the United States.

How about visiting the store on Back Friday? That sounds like a great idea! But you may wonder, “What Time Does Walmart Open on Black Friday?Let us find out- 

Walmart timings on Black Friday:

Much to the chagrin of its dedicated customers, Walmart was closed on Thanksgiving this year.

On Black Friday this year, the Walmart stores will open on Friday, November 27, at 5 a.m. local time.

To mention, the online deals for the Black Friday sale began on November 25. The in-store deals will begin on November 27. 

Deals will include toys, gifts, items on apparel, Home and Decor, and electronics.

Walmart is taking the following precautions for the Covid-19 pandemic-

  • It will allow only a limited number of customers to enter at a given time.
  • Health ambassadors at Walmart entrances will remind customers to adhere to Covid norms at all times.
  • Customers will maintain social distancing and form a single straight line to get inside the store.
  • Customers will always be wearing masks.
  • Well-sanitized shopping carts will be given to customers. 
  • Customers will visit the right-hand-side of aisles to select the merchandise on Black Friday deals.
  • This year, Walmart has given its customers the option to pick up their online Black Friday merchandise for Day orders through contactless curb-side service.

Final Note:

We suggest that you look for the item that you want to buy online first and then proceed to the store in-person. It will save you time and effort inside the store.

In the current unprecedented times, it will also allow quicker entry to other customers.

I hope our news article on What Time Does Walmart Open on Black Friday is helpful to you.

Happy shopping!

Do share your experience of shopping at Walmart on Black Friday.

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