What is Vigilante Mod Among Us {Jan} It’s New Mod-Enjoy!

What is Vigilante Mod Among Us {Jan} It’s New Mod-Enjoy!

What is Vigilante Mod Among Us {Jan} It’s New Mod-Enjoy! >> Do you want to know about this new mod in your favorite game! Please read article to learn more.

What is Vigilante Mod Among Us? Have you’ll hear about this new mod in the game?

If not, now you are just about to find out!

Fans all over Canada and the United States want to know more about the new mod and how it works. So if you are also searching for the same, then you’re on the correct article! 

Here we will enlighten our readers more about the new mod and its works and the mod’s after-effects.

All the Among Us fans that are waiting to learn more about this new mod, stay tuned as we discuss the salient features!

Let’s continue!

What is Vigilante Mod Among Us?

Among Us has bagged the award for the most popular game in a game awards function where it had announced more updates and new maps, the craze of the game has increased since then.

The game has been a time-pass entertainer for many during the pandemic, even though it was released two years back.

The games have several skins and accessories and various mods; like the new vigilante mod. The fans have found that mod trending on the internet, and everyone is curious to know more about the mod as it is fascinating. 

Now let us continue to know what the mod is about!

What is Vigilante Mod Among Us; About

The mod is a vigilante type and has red color skin with two horns like features on the crewmate’s head. 

This mod’s function/ability enables the crewmate to kill the imposter on the spaceship. The user allowing this ability to decide clearly who the imposter is as this mod comes with its twist.

Well, the twist is quite dangerous, and why is it dangerous? We are about to find out!

The twist

Among us has several mods and skins that are very eye-catching, but the vigilante hits different because it’s to kill the imposter.

What is Vigilante Mod Among Us? The twist is that if your crewmate kills the wrong imposter, then the crewmate and the accused imposter both get killed. This mode can be useful if only you are sure about the imposter.

If the wrong crewmate is killed, then the player’s crewmate is also destroyed.

Hence this mod is only useful if the player is sure about the imposter.


The new mod in Among Us has got all the players in a heist as the mod has its pros and drawbacks. The mod should be smartly used as there is a risk of your crewmate to be eliminated.

Hoping the readers understood; What is Vigilante Mod Among Us, the mod comes out to be very interesting and increasing the excitement of all the players as killing the imposter can be used as a weapon and at the same time is a disadvantage.

Please mention your viewpoints in the comment box and your thoughts on this new mod in Among Us.

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