What Happens if Both Candidates Get 270 (Nov) Know More!


What Happens if Both Candidates Get 270 (Nov) Know More! >> Read the article if you are keen to know everything about the elections and the tie between the elected officials.  

Are you supporting Joe Biden or Donald Trump? Do you know about the minimum count to win the elections? Well, read out this entire post to get all your queries answered and learn about What Happens if Both Candidates Get 270

Even though it has been announced that Joe Biden is leading, but there are still some states, including Pennsylvania, which has yet not given any hints of the leading candidate. The people across the countries like the United StatesCanadaUnited KingdomAustralia, India are curious to know about the new leader. They are continuously watching the fluctuations of seats. 

What happens if any candidate gets the exact count of 270 electoral votes?

Donald Trump and democratic Joe Biden are giving each other tough competition in this presidential election of 2020. Well, most of the viewers are thinking that What Happens if Both Candidates Get 270? This question arises from the fact that any elected officials need to win at least 270 electoral votes to win the elections.

Well, even if the candidate wins exactly 270 votes or more than that, he will be declared as the next president as there are a total of 538 seats, and winning 270 votes mean beating the opponent by two votes.So, the viewers must get this doubt that What Happens if Both Candidates Get 270 out of their minds as this is beyond all the possibilities.

Is it possible that neither of the candidates gets 270 electoral votes?

Absolutely yes, this is possible that neither of the candidates lives up to the minimal count of electoral votes necessary for winning the elections. As the total count of electoral votes is 538 and it is infrequent that the exact tie occurs, i.e., both the candidates get a total of 269 votes.There was a time before when this same situation was observed.  

What is a contingent election?

Well, if you are one of them doubting that What Happens if Both Candidates Get 270? It would then be best if you got your information corrected as this is not at all possible. Well, a tie may occur between the two elected officials, i.e., each of them gets 269 votes.

So, in that case of a tie, the president is chosen with a ballot where the representatives from every state, including all the fifty states, get to vote, and the winner of this ballet will be declared as the next president,

Moreover, there can be a tie again as fifty is an even number. Then, the house of representatives will continue the voting process until one candidate wins.

Final verdict

Everyone wondering What Happens if Both Candidates Get 270 should clarify that this is next to impossible as there are only 538 electoral seats.

And there are still some states that have not given even a single clue about the leading party. And the declaration of the next president is yet awaited.

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