Wellathome Com Scam (Jan 2021) Know More About the Site.

Wellathome Com Scam (Jan 2021) Know More About the Site.

Wellathome Com Scam (Jan 2021) Know More About the Site. >> Reveal about a website that provides Covid 19 test kits at home, claiming speedy recoveries.

Are you also struggling with the coronavirus home remedies kits? The coronavirus pandemic has hit us all badly and has given the significant rise to these home remedies and kits.

In its first phase, it was declared that the patients have to be admitted to the hospital for better treatment; this was when there were fewer cases around the world. With the increased issues, they have changed their policies and regulations and have introduced new ways and remedies for the same. 

They have worked together with many doctors and technicians to discover the fastest remedy for the same. This article about wellathome com scam will introduce you to the benefits of the same, and also will tell you whether it is a safe platform or not?

This article will be more beneficial for the United States residents, as they are delivering their kits there only for the people above the age of 65.

What is Wellathome com?

Many websites are offering test kits and remedies for the fastest recovery. Wellathome com is also one of a kind. This website provides test kits and recovery kits for people who are above 65 years. 

This website is valid till May 2021, and the benefits of the same can be redeemed for better health and recovery. Read the article to know more about wellathome com scam.

What is the process of signing in to the website?

The website offers an easy sign-in process. All the visitor needs to do is have an active contact number and a mail id. They need to enter these details on the website.

This website’s services are not for spouses or relatives of the victim or the people below 65. wellathome com scam thus gives you the details of whether it is a safe platform or not.

What all is included in the test kits provided by wellathome com?

The website offers the program, which also helps in the speedy recovery of the victims. They will ask for a few details of the sufferer, and if they approve your information, you will be eligible to avail of the kit and get the benefits.

The kit helps in the early recovery of the patients by being at home, and also, you must start the treatment on time to avoid any other problems.

The test kit includes:

  • Tamiflu
  • Thermometer
  • Covid 19 kit

They also attach the details about the contact numbers of the doctors who would assist with any further help if needed. All the above information thus shows that the wellathome com scam is fake. Continue reading for better clarity.

What are the uses of the items included in the test kit?

As mentioned above, the test kit includes only three things. Tamiflu is a tablet that will help disable the viruses in the body and reduce the effect of the same. 

We all are aware of the use of a thermometer to check body temperatures. It is an essential device for coronavirus treatment, as there are frequent fluctuations in the body.

Covid 19 kit includes some essential medicines, which will help boost the body immunity system. They also attach a pamphlet informing about their doctors’ contact details, which will assist if any further help is needed.

Final Verdict:

This article about wellathome com scam informs you about a useful website for the people of or more than 65 years. The virus is hitting more the elders, and they are at greater risk. They are thus helping them by providing home remedies.

Share your opinions if you have experienced their services before.

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  1. I have been trying to get the kit but I can’t click the link, it isn’t working. Can you please send the kit to me. Florence Lutz, 5866 Avondale Road, Pensacola, Florida 32526. Thank you.

  2. I checked with United Healthcare first to be certain this was real. Then I signed up on-line with no problem. My kit arrived as promised within a few days and contains just what was promised. I think this is a wonderful option for seniors….one more tool to get well should I become sick.

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