Webricks Review {August 2020} Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Webricks Review {August 2020} Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Webricks Review {August 2020} Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> Want to buy a Lego building set from online sites, then read this review carefully.

Want to find out if you should purchase any Lego harry potter building sets from the Webricks website? Then read this Webricks Review till the very end. 

Be it, adults or kids, building Lego is an activity that is loved by all! Lego comes out with collectible building sets that are only available for a limited period offer. 

These offers are usually up on their official sites or local stores. Currently offering the limited-edition Harry Potter Lego building set is Webricks. 

Usually, scam sites show a United States-based addresses to make up a legitimate front, but that is the case with Webricks. 

What is Webricks? 

Webricks is a website that acts as a seller of toys by Danish company Lego, and that is currently all. One of the most important sections of the site is the ‘Lego hard to finds.’

Here you will be able to find those Lego buildable that are not available elsewhere. The website could be a paradise for parents and kids who love Lego. 

Webricks is also called ToyHouse or House-home of brick, and the about us section speaks of the manufacturing of toys happening in Denmark by the Lego company and nothing about the website’s makers. 

Webricks Review will tell you that the site’s layout is simple and easy, which could be unique for a new customer. 

But you will notice a ‘Not Secure’ sign right next to the website URL; this means the website does not offer privacy when you browse it. 

So, it does not have an HTTPS connection but an HTTP instead. Let us find out if this is because of the site being created only two months ago. 

Specifications of the Webricks: 

  • Products- Lego building toys for kids and collectibles 
  • Website- http://webricks.cc/
  • Email- email@customerservicebest.com
  • Phone number- +4582820409
  • Shipping/processing time- not mentioned
  • Delivery time- 5-7 days on less than $69 purchase, 2-3 days on more than $69 purchase 
  • Shipping fee- Free on purchase above $69 and $20 charge on anything below it 
  • Returns- 12-month return policy is maintained 
  • Exchange- not provided on the site 
  • Refunds- contact company after making returns 
  • Online Payment- Master card, Visa Card, American Express or JCB 

Pros of the Webricks: 

  • The site shows both the phone number and email id in contact details 
  • They only focus on selling Lego toys online 
  • The layout of the site is easy to navigate and make purchases 
  • They sell those Lego toys that are hard to find 
  • There is an 80% clearance sale currently present on the site 

Cons of the Webricks:

  • The site has a ‘not secure’ right next to the website URL 
  • They charge a $20 delivery charge on any purchase below $69 
  • online payment or browsing may not be safe on the site 
  • All Lego toys have a five-star rating on the site 
  • No Webricks Review available socially
  • The discounts on all products is unrealistic 

Is Webricks legit or a scam? 

The Webricks site provides a Denmark address, unlike scam sites that usually give a United States based address.

But the address is the same as that of the Original Lego company, which is very strange and something that could’ve been easily ignored.

The site uses an HTTP connection style, which means the user’s information such as card and account details will not be protected.

Adding to this, the site was created only two months but showed multiple reviews that date back to 2019. These factors raise questions regarding the legitimacy of the site.

But given the creation date, it is still too early to claim the site being a scam.

What are the customers saying about Webricks? 

The Webricks Review offers comments where the buyer speaks of purchasing the product for his son, who instantly loved it. 

Another buy comments about buying the Lego toys for his grandson, who built it within a few hours and completely loving it.

The other reviews too sound joyous and cheerful but give nothing away about their delivery or if they had any issues with the toys.

So, there are high chances of these reviews being doctored.

Final Verdict- 

In conclusion, there are signs that point in the direction of the Webricks being a scam site, but since it was created only two months prior, one cannot be sure.

Therefore, we recommend all the readers to not put in any personal information on this site. If you have purchased from the site, then please share your views with us.

0 thoughts on “Webricks Review {August 2020} Is It A Scam Or Legit?

  1. Just tried to order 6 Lego sets. When the CC info was put in, I immediately received a decline message. This cc should never receive that message! It asked for a new cc number. Highly suspicious! Whoever heard of a message like that! The grammer errors in the message reminded me of someone speaking with a foreign accent. I immediately called my credit card company and was told I had fraudulent activity. Turns out they ran my card for a different amount somewhere in China within moments of getting my cc info. My conclusion…it’s a scam. Legos at 80% off?!? Too good to be true ?

  2. It’s a scam. I ordered 4 Lego sets about a month ago. Got a link to “track” the order. The link did not work. Then yesterday I got something in the mail with a return address from China and it was for a knock off pair of Ray-bans! Do not be fooled by the website. It looks authentic and all but if you look closely, they don’t have a valid customer service information.

    1. Same happened to me. I got a set of Versace socks I never ordered. And the return address is from China. They have replied to my email but only want to refund 40% of the price paid. And now the website cannot be found. Definitely a scam! Thank goodness my credit card company has my back.

  3. I purchased a few items for my daughter and in following up with outstanding purchases today, noticed that the tracking for the items I purchased indicated that it had been delivered the day prior. The only package I received the day before was a box with an extremely faded return address that contained a pair of knock-off Rayban sunglasses – something I had not ordered. I’ve emailed them back, but had no response. Buyer beware.

  4. I ordered in Early August. It took a week to receive a confirmation I have still not received the product. When I emailed them, they informed me it had shipped and show it delivered. They said if I have not received,, then either the post office lost it or it was stolen. In either case, they cannot take responsibility.

  5. It is a scam… it took 30days to get a delivery update… and instead of getting the $120 in Legos we ordered, all we got was a cheep pair of sunglasses from China. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

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