Wear a Mask Disney Song {Oct} Song To Address Wear Mask!

Wear a Mask Disney Song {Oct} Song To Address Wear Mask!

Wear A Mask Disney Song {Oct} Song To Address Wear Mask! >> It has become mandatory to wear masks and wash hands, so watch the video and read the news.

In our white and black world, the animated creatures we call cartoons were introduced once to fill it with colours. Children and adults also find them beautiful, and when it’s Disney, there’s no doubt. 

Disney, well-known in the United States, United Kingdom, Canadaand other sections of the globe, has many musical sagas and movies in their collection, among which ‘The Beauty and the Beast’ has gained a different fan following in the globe. 

It was first screened in 1991, and 30 years later, they released its live-action remake film. 

Now, Disney fan and songwriters Noah Lindquist and Ashley Young have created a Wear a Mask Disney Song, which is the parody of the “Be My Guest” song from the film with different lyrics Covid-19 pandemic is at its peak. The song of this musical drama film made havoc among its audience. 

Wear a Mask Disney Song and Politics

In the famous original song “Be My Guest,” the candle holder and other utensils sing a dinner song to welcome the protagonist Belle in the mansion. The love tale by Disney is a relishing magnificent “Happy Forever” story. 

Noah Lindquist shared this video on 17th October, and from then on, folks have not ceased to praise this masterpiece.

But in Noah Lindquist’s version of Wear a Mask Disney Song, the same bubbly character of candelabra- Lumière begins with “Wear a mask. Is this really much to ask”. 

In the wake of alerting people to wearing masks as Coronavirus is still looming over our immune system, the lyricists came up with a two-minute video that goes on with Ms. Potts urging citizens to wear a mask and to be safe. 

How are the lyrics?

The lyrics of this remake are amusing with some bold and adult words that children shouldn’t hear. The song ends with, “Wash your hands and wear a mask,” clearly pleads against intimidating novel coronavirus.

The whole Wear a Mask Disney Song depicts the political side of wearing masks, where recently President Donald Trump lashes out on Dr. Anthony Fauci and calls him a “disaster” who changed his March statement on wearing a mask and advising people to adopt it. 

What Viewers have to say on Wear a Mask Song

As soon as the song touched the land of social media, it goes viral with flash speed. Its controversial and daring-words approach had gained over 13 lakhs views and thousands of thumbs-up on YouTube till now.  

Ms. Potts has gained quite a lot of attention with her straight-forward and aggressive words, which audience people from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and other parts of the world find hilarious. 

The Wear a Mask Disney Song’s reach is tremendously powerful that veteran executive at Walt Disney Imagineering, Joe Rhode himself retweeted it. The Beast of the live-action movie Beauty and the Beats, Dan Stevens posted the video on his Instagram page. 

With Disneyland still in the red “substantial” zone, it is a reluctant decision to re-opening according to the latest Californian rules. If it does re-open, people have to reserve before-hand with 25% park capacity. It is heart-breaking news for many tourists and the company itself. 


The video grabbing people’s interest and becoming a subject of talk Wear a Mask Disney Songproves to be an innovation, creation, and mask anthem of the year 2020. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, changed his statement and explained the current situation, which needs people to wear a mask as much as possible. 

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