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Verdure Labs Food Stamps Text (Sep 2020) Scanty Reviews.

Verdure Labs Food Stamps Text

Verdure Labs Food Stamps Text (Sep 2020) Scanty Reviews. >> This article will give you the details of the scam messages received by people.

You have been using cell phones a dozen times to text others whom they know. But have you ever received messages from an unknown sender? It could be Verdure Labs Food Stamps Text.

Some scammers send text messages to random numbers to extract their personal information. The people are receiving scam messages to get food stamps from the United States government for 30 days. These scammers are taking advantage of the pandemic situation to scare people off. Moreover, they are feasting on public anxieties regarding sensitive personal data and financial information.

Nowadays, people are working from home and are at greater risk of protecting their personal information from hackers eliciting them. There is an increase in the number of phone calls or text messages which offer possible medications or treatments or those who pretend the officials of Social Security Administration or giving away test kits. The authorities have warned the public about several scam messages already, while many cases have been reported.

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What is the Verdure Labs Food Stamps Text?

The scammers crave personal information from people and use text messages to extract them. These messages contain links to fill out information or to download files. Many such links lead to a fake website or portal with instructions asking the people to fill in the details.

Verdure Labs Food Stamps Text is one such spam text message that mentions that the =the text receiver has been selected for food stamps for 30 days by the United States government. They also attach a link of a form to the message asking the text-receiver to fill in the personal information.

It is merely a trick of the scammers to get the details of a person through these forms. There is a possibility that these links contain viruses or spyware that might hack your device and make it possible for spammers and scammers to obtain the people’s personal information.

What is the motive of scammers through Verdure Labs Food Stamps Text?

Verdure Labs Food Stamps Text is the phishing texts received by people through scammers to extract their personal data. They are not any legit firms or companies that are sending such texts but scammers. They send links to be opened to derive people’s personal data or insert viruses in their devices to hack them. Hence, it is advised not to follow any such instructions and not open any unknown links to keep the information safe and intact.


The Verdure Labs Food Stamps Text is a trick to evoke people’s personal or financial information. It is recommended not to download anything unfamiliar to keep the details intact and safe. We suggest our readers file a complaint and report such issues to the authorities as soon as possible.

Have you faced any such issues lately? Have you been scammed through texts? Please share your views with us in the comments section below.

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