Vegasbelly Reviews [Dec] Is Vegasbelly Offer Legit Deal?

Vegasbelly Reviews [Dec] Is Vegasbelly Offer Legit Deal?

Vegasbelly Reviews [Dec] Is Vegasbelly Offer Legit Deal? >> If you are looking for some seafood on your Holidays and Christmas, then read the article below, and we will let you know about the website’s legitimacy.

Vegasbelly Reviews: For the living, healthy food is an essential need for living beings. Further, if any vital nutrient is missed in food, then the human body shows its deficiency. Also, humans collect these vitamins or nutrients in the form of vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources. 

Besides this, in the United States, seafood restaurants are growing faster. Here, we have an online seafood store. Let us get information about it through its reviews.

What is Vegasbelly?

It is an online store that claims to sell seafood in every corner of the world.  Further, it has many options for shopping like Gift and Holiday celebration. 

On this store, you can shop for King Crab Holiday Box, Snow crab Holiday Box, Red King crab Legs, Krissy’s Cajun Crab Mud, extra-large raw Shrimp, New York Strip Steak, half shell gulf, Diamond Brunch box, Scallops, Crab soft shell prime, Maine Shore Dinner, and Shrimp and cramp in Boxes.

Further, few items are frozen to maintain the freshness of them. Let us find the website’s legitimacy after detailing and reviewing it through these Vegasbelly Reviews.

Specifications of 

  • URL: if you seafood lover and missed seafood in this pandemic, then please click at
  • Domain Creation and registration: This online store website is created on July 23, 2020, on the internet.
  • Product available: On this online seafood store, you will shop for frozen seafood. Further, it has products like New York strip steak, King Crab 10 lb holiday box, snow crab 10 lb box, red king crab legs,  Crab Mud, Raw Shrimps, half shell gulfs one dozen, Scallops, Crab soft shell prime, brunch boxes in gold, platinum and diamond quantity, and Maine shore Dinner.
  • Product description: in the reports, it shows the information about the product’s weight, the quantity of an item, delivery method, and ingredient in it. Let discuss its terms and services through continuing Vegasbelly Reviews.
  • Physical address: It has mentioned its physical address on the website and that is 450 East Silverado Ranch, #118, Las Vegas, Nevada 89183.
  • Customer communication: For communicating with customers, this website use contact number 7024769020.
  • Queries: for any questions, you can contact them through
  • Shipping: This does shipping in most parts of the United States and World.
  • Social media: It has the account on Facebook with the name of Las Vegas Soul Food.
  • Return: This accepts the returns of orders between 30 days of receiving with conditions.
  • Payments: you can pay for its items by PayPal and Amazon Pay.

We know that website details are not enough for shopping. The website’s advantages and disadvantages give the ideas about website legitimacy. So. let us discuss them by Vegasbelly Reviews.

Advantages of Vegasbelly com

  • The connection of the website is secure for online shopping.
  • On receiving damaged items or wrong products, you can demand a return and refund.
  • It mentions its Physical address on the store’s website. You can shop directly there for Brunch and dinners.
  • For customer queries, it has the mobile number and email Id.

Disadvantages of Vegasbelly com

  • The email Id used by this online store is in the Public domain.
  • This online seafood store doesn’t have its official account on Instagram and Twitter.
  • You cannot subscribe to its updates as it has no options to subscribe to the newsletter.
  • It has such limited reviews for limited products on its website.

Is Legit?

On analysis through Vegasbelly Reviews, we get that this store’s domain is more than four-month-old. Further, during our research, we have found that the trust score of this website is very less and that is 11%. Though, its Facebook page is working but, on the website, it is inactive. Moreover, we have not found any customer reviews for this website.

So, we can say, we cannot comment on its legitimacy but, the pointers as mentioned above are not giving insight into its trustworthiness. 

Hence, it is highly suggested please go for thorough research on your own and explore the website fully before making the purchase decision.

Vegasbelly Reviews: Customer Opinions

On in-depth analysis of this seafood store, we found such limited reviews on the website. Further, the thoughts are insufficient to decide anything about food quality and website services as this may be paid or for promotion yet. And on the internet also, we have not found only one reviews for this website that has praises for its products. So, we are not able to comment on it.

Final Verdict

After analyzing the website through this review, we get that website is a few months old. Further, it has some negative points, such as low trust score, and has such limited reviews on the internet. So, we suggest shoppers do more exploration independently and cross-check everything on your end before making the purchase decision.

For more details and viewpoints about Vegasbelly Reviews, please contact us by commenting below.

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  1. Vegasbelly is a Scam. Ordered from them and they sent a status change to shipped with no tracking number. I tried to call, phone is disconnected. Emails were never replied to. Emails through Amazon Pay were never answered. Filed a claim through Amazon Pay to get a refund. I’m not the only one to order and not get their product either.

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