Usps Mask Plan (Sep 2020) Let Us Understand About It!

Usps Mask Plan

Usps Mask Plan (Sep 2020) Let Us Understand About It! >> This article will tell you about the plan that USPS had of distributing masks. Please go through the details now.

We’re all aware of the threat the current pandemic poses to our lives and resources. The infection is also spreading rapidly, with no cure for it in sight. In this situation, the only defense we have against the disease are face masks. As stated by the CDC themselves, face masks are very effective in protecting against the spread of this infection. In April, according to the Usps Mask Plan, USPS planned to deliver about 650 million masks throughout the USA.

The plan would have helped lower down the spread of the infection significantly in the United States, but for some reason, it was shut down. If you wish to obtain more information about the event, please keep reading this article. We’re going to reveal all the crucial information about it.

What is the USPS Mask Plan?

According to the Usps Mask Plan, the United States Postal Service intended to deliver about 650 million face masks to every household in the United States by their services. They had plans to provide nearly five face masks to every family.

Highlights of the USPS Mask Plan

As many sources reveal, according to the Usps Mask Plan, USPS had plans to distribute masks across the country, but the project was shut down and shelved.

Let’s take a look at some highlights of this event:

  • The USPS (United States Postal Service) had plans to deliver about 650 million masks across the United States.
  • The plan was to distribute these masks in April.
  • The Coronavirus was on a steady rise in April all across the globe.
  • USPS intended to send these masks to everyone to ensure that everyone remained safe in the pandemic.
  • Sources reveal that the White House cancelled this plan.
  • This information was obtained via the pages a group had requested under the Freedom of Information act.
  • According to the plan, the USPS would have delivered five face masks per house in the United States.
  • The White House cancelled this plan in the concern that this will create panic among people.
  • After the information went public, it has been a subject of a lot of media attention.
  • Experts state that the delivery of masks in April would have made people more accustomed to wearing them by now.
  • Experts also claim that the delivery of these masks in April would have reduced the cases in May by nearly 200,000.
  • These masks were then provided to healthcare facilities and other sectors as a part of Project America Strong.

Final Verdict

It is a proven fact that wearing face masks can significantly lower the rate of spread of the infection. As part of the Usps Mask Plan, nearly 650 million makes were to be distributed in April to every household which would have significantly lowered down the spread.

The White House cancelled the plan. After the announcement of this news, it has been a subject of a lot of controversy and backlash.

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