Website Reviews (August) Get The Insight Of This Website 2020 (August) Get The Insight Of This Website >> In the given article, you will read about an online platform claiming to provide UC for purchasing various skins and costumes for pubg characters.

PubG is a game that is merely taking over the world. There are a lot of loyal PubG users all over the world. There are various add-ons that PubG has. UC is one add on to PubG. Are you based in Turkey and are thinking of buying UC from

Let’s know more about this site, understand its credibility, and see how it functions:

What is ucx30.Com? is a website that helps you purchase UC. UC will help you upgrade your game of PubG. PubG is one of the most popular games in the world right now. There are various add-ons that one can get for PubG that will help them in upgrading their game. There are various skins, costumes, royal pass, emotes, etc. UC is a currency from which you can purchase such add ons for your game. is one site that offers you UC at a low price. This platform is made especially for the PubG users to make the most of their game. PubG is no longer just a game. It has become an integral part of various lives.

What are the advantages of

If you too wish to purchase uc at reasonable prices, then this webpage allows you to get so.

But the site does not have a user-friendly interface, and you cannot get the benefits of its features unless you log into it.

How does function? is a site where one can purchase UC. UC or Unknown Cash is an in-game currency that one can use in PubG. It is a currency through which you can upgrade your PubG game as you can buy different skins, costumes, emotes, royale pass, etc.

Though, these UC’s are not transferable. Though in case somebody wants to gift UC to a friend, they can give them money and help them buy UC. This website, named will help you buy UC easily. One has to sign in to this website to either use their Gmail or Facebook account. The user can also register on the website manually.

The website doesn’t allow the users to access its features till they log in or sign up for the website.

User’s Feedbacks on

We have found some mixed reviews about The users have a complaint that the website doesn’t have a user-friendly interface. There are various issues that the users face now and then while logging in. Also, some users have claimed the site to be a scam. Some users claimed that they paid for UC on it but didn’t get anything in return.

Our Final Take:

Thus, we would suggest our users purchase on this site only if they are sure of its authenticity. There are chances that the site might be a scam. If it is the case, it will result in the user risking not just their hard-earned money but also their personal information.

So, we would not recommend to our readers.

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