Trials Fortnite .com {Jan 2021} All Details For Trials!

Trials Fortnite .com {Jan 2021} All Details For Trials!

Trials Fortnite .com {Jan 2021} All Details For Trials! >> Are you excited to participate in the winter trials? Read article to know about dates & prizes.

Winter trials live only on Trials Fortnite .com, and the event is now trending in the United States

But do you know the criteria required to participate in the event?

By reading this article, you will get to know the criteria and the rewards that the game offers. Fans are unaware of certain things as they cannot access the official website of the game.

The servers are down due to the enormous traffic generated after the news of the winter trials. But don’t worry, as here we will discuss the event’s salient features, and our readers won’t have to go elsewhere.

Now let us know in detail about the event and discuss the criteria of the game participation.

What is Trials Fortnite .com?

It is the game’s official website where all the latest updates and new events are being announced. The website is accessible to all, including players from the United States. When excited fans browse the website in bulk, then the servers have a breakdown.

Only on this website fans get to know the essential news from Fornite, which is the only source that can be trusted.

Fortnite has been in the market since 2017, and the popularity of the game is enormous. Players can never get bored of the game as the game keeps adding new events and missions, which keeps the fans occupied. 

What are the rewards revealed by Trials Fortnite .com in the game?

The rewards that the players can get their hands on which won’t be as easy because the prizes are unique and the players participating are huge in numbers. The criteria of the game will be discussed in the further segment.

Three rewards will be awarded to the players who collect the number of badges required.

  • Players who have collected one badge will be rewarded with the Unicorn spray.
  • Players who have collected six badges will be rewarded an Emoticon.
  • Players who have collected twelve badges will be rewarded Winter Trial Wrap.

About the criterion:

As per Trials Fortnite .com, the players will be rewarded with different accessories provided they collect the number of badges required.

Surprisingly there is only one criterion: the players should be above 13 years of age. Besides this, there is no other requirement. The winter trials seem to be very exciting, which will happen from 25th to 31st January.

So all the fortnite players who have yet not started with the event, go hurry up!


In conclusion, we can suggest the fans start participating in the event as the rewards look very appealing. If the players want to know more about the event, go ahead and checkout Trials Fortnite .com.

The game keeps on conducting events, so if you can’t participate in this, then you can always try out the next event. Stay updated with us for more information!

What is your preferred reward? Let us know your suggestion in the comment box below!

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