Totalav App Reviews (Oct 2020) Keep Your System Safe!

Totalav App Reviews (Oct 2020) Keep Your System Safe!

Totalav App Reviews (Oct 2020) Keep Your System Safe! >> The post educates readers and helps them learn about the security suite features to make the right selection. 

Totalav App Reviews: Today, the world of a computer system laden with malware, viruses, and other threats to our privacy and security. So, we often get overwhelmed with a variety of problems and look for solutions. TotalAV App is a newcomer in the market designed by Protected, a United Kingdom-based company. It promises to offer different levels of protection.

TotalAV App comes with three different protection levels – Total Security, Internet Security, and Antivirus Pro. Each level of protection comes with a few more features, but users are likely to get a good amount of protection with the basic level Antivirus Pro.

TotalAV App is a newbie in computer security, but it has garnered immense popularity among tech geeks and veterans across the United States, Australia, and Canada. It has secured a 4.5 rating out of 5 because of its features and robust security system. 

What is TotalAV App?

TotalAV App is a full-featured software suite with many things on boards, including a free and paid version. The software suite’s paid version offers robust protection against spyware, viruses, ransomware, and other types of malware.   

It is completely a newbie in computer security, but it is considered the customer-friendly service in the market as per the Totalav App Reviews. It offers quick scanning of the system to keep it always protected and never makes the system slow as it runs at the system’s background. 

You can enjoy real-time scanning for viruses and malware, along with notifications for all threat types. TotalAv is compatible with all major operating systems. 

What are the Features of the TotalAV App?

According to the online Totalav App Reviews, the security system comes with a multitude of protection options and features, including: 

  • Quick and faster scanning in real-time
  • The very low learning curve
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • Protection against malware, viruses, reliable VPN, and robust supplicate scanner
  • Smart scanning to keep the system free from junks
  • Password vault function
  • Quarantined files for easy managing and viewing
  • Quick scanning for password theft 

Customer’s Reviews

TotalAV App is a relatively new security software that was launched back in 2016. Soon after its launch, TotalAV App has managed to satisfy the users with its amazing performance and received many positive responses and Totalav App Reviews online. 

As mentioned, the security software has a 4.5 rating out of 5 by many users because of its features, ease of use, support, and value for money. The software suite comes with amazing functions to keep you and your PC safe and secure always. 


TotalAV App has some of the best and promising features, including a robust suite of tools and a user-friendly interface. Power users with high-end PC would love having this security system into their PC. It can tune up the system and keep on scanning to ensure zero-day threats. 

Overall, TotalAV App is the best security solution to detect the threats before it ruins the system or crashes it down.  

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