Torneo Flash Fortnite {Feb} Read To Know The Winner!

Torneo Flash Fortnite {Feb} Read To Know The Winner!

Torneo Flash Fortnite {Feb} Read To Know The Winner! >> If you are Flash admirer, read this article to get all the details about an in-game event & prizes.

Which one are you? a DC Comics or a Marvel fan? If you are pinning for DC, then you must be aware of the Flash. To honor this fantastic DC character, Fortnite has brought an event, “Torneo Flash Fortnite,” in its Season 5 Chapter 2. Want to know more about it? 

Torneo is a Spanish word for the tournament. This particular tournament is going to happen on 10th February 2021, which will decide the winner. 

The lucky person will get the Flash Outfit. Worldwide, there’s a huge fan base of the Flash, so this will be an exciting event. 

What is the tournament?

On 10th February 2021, Epic Games has brought the DC character out in Fortnite through Flash Cup, a duo tournament

According to Central European Time, this outfit will get highlighted in the item shop on 14th February at 1:00 CET. 

How to win Torneo Flash Fortnite?

It’s a duo tournament, meaning you need a partner to participate in it. Get into the Battle Bus with your buddy and play up to ten matches within three hours. 

There will be a winning couple from each region that can unlock the special Flash Outfit and the Speed ​​Force Retro Backpack. The turning point here is that the winner will get the special reward before anyone else without paying for it. 

Also, each region has its specific date and time decided already. What about the rules? 

Do we have to follow the same rules in Torneo Flash Fortnite?

Yes. As laid for other events, this one is no different. Players need to have two-factor authentication enabled, and the level of account must be 30 or higher in their region. 

After playing all ten matches, players who will achieve the following ranks will be rewarded: 

  • Europe: from 1 to 3500
  • West Coast: from 1 to 500
  • East Coast: from 1 to 1750 
  • Asia: from 1 to 250
  • Middle East: from 1 to 250
  • Brazil: from 1 to 500
  • Oceania: 1 to 250

The scoring will be done according to the scoring system given on their official Flash Cup rules page. 

What’s in the Flash set?

 Whosoever wins the Torneo Flash Fortnite in their region will be fortunate enough to get: 

  • Flash’s Suit
  • The Force of Speed ​​Backpacking Accessory
  • The Speed ​​Force Blades Pickaxe
  • The Quick Snack gesture

For all the Flash lovers Worldwide, you can achieve these either individually or in the form of the Flash Bundle. This bundle also includes a Flash-themed loading screen. 

Bottom Line 

Fortnite is taking the in-game events to the next level by introducing something out of the box. The fans of DC comics will have a treat in this tournament. 

Getting to enter as Barry Allen in its outfit with its speed force, the thought is making some people crazy. To participate in Torneo Flash Fortniteone needs a partner as it’s a duo tournament. 

What was your best enjoyable part of the event? Please let us know your gaming experience in the feedback section.

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