Topattractiveshop com Reviews {July} Safe Deal Or Scam!

Topattractiveshop com Reviews {July} Safe Deal Or Scam!

Topattractiveshop com Reviews {July} Safe Deal Or Scam! >> In this article, you will learn about a website that deals with a portable photo printer, clothing, and machinery.

Are you wondering whether you should shop from Let’s hold on for a second and look into Topattractiveshop com Reviews and analyze the authenticity of this website.

There are countless new websites launched in the United States to serve customers with their services and products. But the question is that the numerous frauds are sitting back behind their laptop screen with a tempting website to fool you in their trap.

There are high chances that the newly launched website might seem exciting and full of offers and discounts. Still, once you dig into the other authentic features of the website, you will find out that the site is not safe enough or provides enough proof to prove its validity.

Hence, we present our extensive and in-depth research about this website that covers almost safety aspects and features you need to know before starting shopping from this website. 

What is is an online site that deals with multiple genres of products. The website attained its domain on June 11, 2020. Few products showcased on the website are Portable photo printer, Firewood Drill, Chainsaw teeth sharpener, two-stroke chainsaw, multi-function circular saw, screwdriver magnetic ring, military tactical bag, women ballerinas, etc

The website recently launched in the online market; therefore, it has not received significant Topattractiveshop com Reviews from the customers. The website has its newsletter services, which you can subscribe to using your email and get updates about the products added in their stock and other discount offers and gift certificates. 

Why is unique?

The website offers you an order tracking link to keep track of your future requests from this website. The site has multiple currency payment option available. 

The website has followed HHTPS safety precautions to keep your browsing safe. The payment gateways available on this website are safe and secure.

Specifications of

  • Product Type: Women’s Shoes, Drilling Accessories, Backpacks, and many more
  • Website Links:
  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number: Not Mentioned 
  • Manufacturing Address: Not mentioned 
  • Delivery Time: Standard (10-15 Days), Express (7-12 Days)
  • Shipping Charges: Free Shipping above orders of $30 
  • Return / Exchange: Available 
  • Refund: Available 
  • Mode of Payment: Online Payment

Pros of shopping from

  • Return, Exchange, and refund option available 
  • Safe network protocol 
  • Secured Payment gateways 
  • Multiple payment currency option available 
  • Newsletter services 

Cons of shopping from

  • “About Us” page of the website seemed suspicious
  • Product Claim of the site is false 
  • No contact information available
  • Long Delivery time 
  • No social media presence 

Is legit?

The website’s “About Us” seems to be disoriented, there is mention of the different domain names other than the, which looks as if it has renamed from other older websites or the content is plagiarized and has picked from the other websites.

There is no contact information given on the website. The first look of the site seems that the website focused on women’s clothing, but once you visit the all product section, you will find only one product related to their claims. The delivery time of the products is very high; even if you pay double charges for Express Shipping, there is still an extended delivery duration.

The website has no presence on any social media platform. There are no valid Topattractiveshop com Reviews from the customers to confirm the website’s quality of services and products.

Hence we did not find this website legit.  

What is Customer Feedback on

There is a lack of Topattractiveshop com Reviews on any social media or online critic product reviewing websites or platforms. Some reviewing websites and technically reviewing websites claims that the site is potentially safe to browse on Google.

Final Verdict

In the end, various malicious aspects prove that the website is not legit. We will caution you to stay safe from this website, and lack of Topattractiveshop com Reviews creates a sense of mistrust in our mind; hence we find this website highly suspicious.  

It is better to look for the website’s depth so that you can make a wise decision before spending your time and money on any site. You shouldn’t enter your bank details or credit card numbers on any suspicious website. Look for all the customer and technical reviews available on the website before you trust any website. 

Sometimes a website might seem tempting to you from the homepage, but once you look into the product sections, you will find out that the site does deal with the claimed products.

Help us grow more, and please comment below to share your feedback regarding this report.  

0 thoughts on “Topattractiveshop com Reviews {July} Safe Deal Or Scam!

  1. Wheres my order I purchased my order on July 20th n I haven’t received it yet can someone please email me back please

  2. I’m waiting on PayPal to give me back my money. It’s been over a month and now Topattractiveshop doesn’t exist. Dont order from them

  3. Got my shelves after waiting 3 months. They are not what they advertised them as. I was thinking I was getting shelving big enough to put a microwave, so when this small box arrived I thought it was a pair of shoes. That’s how big the shelves are, the size of a shoe box, it’s basically a small organizer for a dresser. Poor quality as well. SMH….I got scammed….Wish I had did my research before ordering. I won’t even go thru the hassle of returning and waiting for a refund cause I know it would take too much of my time and energy. Lesson Learned! Don’t order nothing off of facebook unless you do your research first.

  4. Don’t waste your money on this company. They will steal it. This is the first time I have been duped. Lesson learned, unfortunately.

  5. I purchased my order of a 3 shelf collapsed storage unit on July 21st when I got my order it was 2 single plastic made shelves. The didn’t get the merchandise I paid $24.58 I would either like what I paid for or a refund.
    order number is 200711192200903 I can send pics of what I ordered & pics of what I was sent in my order

  6. Just received a wrong item from topattractiveshop. Ordered a telescoping ladder and received a small desk or table roller for one of the legs. I need to be reimbursed or get the proper item.

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