Tool Mighty Store Reviews (August) Is The Wevsite Legit?

Tool Mighty Store Reviews (August) Is The Wevsite Legit?

Tool Mighty Store Reviews (August) Is The Wevsite Legit?  >> The article outlines a web store’s authenticity that offers a range of multi-purpose tools for today’s modern generation.

There’s hardly anyone on this planet who doesn’t need some multi-functional versatile everyday tools. If you’re among many of them, then check out the tool-mighty store.

A set of multi-functional tools and equipment can come quite handy in our day-to-day lives. They make our daily chores a lot easier and effortless. Think of a kitchen appliance that can be used to cut different kinds of vegetables in different shapes! How convenient would it be? 

Evolving technology and modern techniques have made it possible for marketers to offer us a range of unique and innovative products.

An online store in the United States that provides such multi-purpose products is Please read the full Tool Mighty Store Reviews below to know what it has to offer you.

What is

It is an online web store that offers a wide variety of tools, equipment, and appliances that are multi-purpose in nature. All the multi-functional tools are categorized into household tools, kitchen tools, and garden tools. 

Apart from this, the store also offers a variety of items and accessories related to children, home décor, and home improvement gadgets. The products are sold at reasonable prices. You can avail worldwide shipping that is offered on all the products.


  • Website type: Online store that offers a wide range of multi-functional appliances and tools.
  • Processing time: takes 24 hours
  • Delivery time: 15-30 days
  • Delivery charge: Applicable
  • Shipping charge: Applicable. Free shipping above 40 dollars
  • Cancellation of order: applicable before the shipment of the product
  • Return: Applicable
  • Refund: 30 – day money-back guarantee 
  • Contact number: +65 85955811
  • Address: Not mentioned in the site
  • Available options of payment: PayPal, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, Stripe

Before choosing any product from this website, read the full review to know whether it is legit or just a way to waste your money.

Pros of buying products from tool-mighty. store:

  • A wide variety of multi-purpose tools and equipment available on the store.
  • The store provides worldwide express shipping on all the products.
  • The appliances are available at reasonable prices.
  • The site offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on every device.

Cons of buying products from tool-mighty. store:

  • There is no customer review on any of their products.
  • The store has no social media presence.
  • The owner’s address is not available anywhere on the site.

Is tool-mighty. store legit?

Tool Mighty Store Reviews will thus help you give more clarity regarding the same.

The online webstore has been launched in the recent past. It is a very young site, so we naturally harbor doubts regarding its legitimacy. The store has a wide range of multi-functional tools and appliances pertaining to kitchen, garden, and household. However, we could not find a single customer review regarding them.

Also, there is no owner address available on the site. In its absence, we don’t get a clear idea about the owner and whom to contact if we need help. The store doesn’t have any social media presence. 

Hence, it isn’t easy to assess their audience base. We cannot find any customer feedback or any other useful information about the store from anywhere on the internet. Thus, we are of the view that the store is not legitimate.

What people are saying about tool-mighty. store:

Tool Mighty Store Reviews are non-existent. We could find no customer feedback anywhere on the site. On the internet elsewhere, there is no information about their services or the performance of their products.

This also indicated the newness of the website in the online market.

Final verdict:

As a conclusion, we can say that the store is not very credible and you should be wary of it. Although it is very appealing and nicely designed, the risks associated with it are plenty.

It is noteworthy that the site does not have a valid and reliable domain name. URL’s that end or .net. and .org are safe and can be trusted. This site has a URL that ends with .store. 

Besides, the absence of Tool Mighty Store Reviews and any information about any of the product elsewhere leave us clueless regarding it. 

Hence, we’d recommend you not to trust this site and purchase products from here. There are many other well-known and establish sites from where you can purchase multi-functional products and benefit from thousands of customer reviews and ratings present there.

Kindly comment below your views regarding the same.

0 thoughts on “Tool Mighty Store Reviews (August) Is The Wevsite Legit?

  1. Just a scam… stay away and never use this company.
    Same here, bought laptop desk, paid for VIP delivery, never received it.

    They falsely claim not heir website that:
    – they ship items within 24 hours from the warehouse
    – they provide live agents for questions
    – they have 24 hour customer support
    – they sa that they provide secure purchases but their ToS says they are not responsible for it.
    everything is a lie…

    They don’t have contact form or email address associated with their domain. They reply from private gmail address with copy pasted messages

    They claim to be in US but in fact are in China

    They write emails about some fake reasons that the order was delayed due to BLM riots in US

    If you really want to have fun take look at their TOS page where they really say outrageous things and deprive themselves from any responsibility such as:

    1. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.

    2. We are not responsible if information made available on this site is not accurate, complete or current. The material on this site is provided for general information only

    3. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless us and our parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, officers, directors, agents, contractors, licensors, service providers, subcontractors, suppliers, interns and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third-party due to or arising out of your breach of these Terms of Service or the documents they incorporate by reference, or your violation of any law or the rights of a third-party.

    .. read the rest as well

  2. Foolishly ordered some laptop stands from them I saw advertised on facebook. What arrived over a month later was nothing even remotely resembling what was shown in the ad. The email I sent requesting a refund was auto replied to by an email telling me my order was on the way. Total scam. Avoid.

  3. They are definitely a scam. I ordered a couple of their laptop tables for the couch/bed and got some cheap tablet stands made of cardboard. I requested a refund and they offered $8 to just keep what they sent. I am now in escalation with paypal to get them to refund all my money. Next step is credit card company used in paypal.

  4. Extremely sketchy, and flat-out scammers. We ordered the “Multifunctional Table Board” that was advertised heavily on Facebook, and what arrived was nothing like what was advertised. Instead of an elaborate, well put together folding/hinged lap desk with a cup holder, etc., what showed up were 3 very small pieces of cheap wood that my small iPad would barely fit on. I would’ve been at least amused if all they’d sent was a piece of paper stating, “You’ve been had! Ha Ha!”

  5. Ordered two nice adjustable trays from above seller for $47. Paid with Paypal. Seller sent two 1/4 inch pieces of plywood in an envelope. Have all pictures to prove what I bought and what I got. Files case with Paypal and they insist I ship back to china for almost $30 shipping. Seller says he will also charge me shipping charges from there after he receives items. So, I will end up oweing him money after all said and done. The items are not even close to what I ordered. Obvious bait and switch. He knows exactly how to manipulate the system. What I cannot figure out is why PayPal doesn’t see the outright bait switch scam. Got to ship back under all circumstances. Well this chinese seller is going to get rich doing this. There has to be a way to stop this. I’m on social security and needed a food tray. Shame on Paypal and the US government to where we can’t stop this.

  6. Also got bait and switch of FB add for lap desk, received cardboard prop. The hook is cost is low enough you will not pay to ship it back to China. Even though the web page makes it appear it is in the US. Even has fake addresses. PayPal and some other “insurers” won’t refund unless you ship it back.

  7. I ordered a folding laptop table $19.95 and received a three piece thing that you have to have a flat top to put on that is big enough for a tablet or recipe book. Returning cost is approx $30, but is required in order to receive the full refund (not including shipping). I was offered a $4 refund for the bait and switch. I was told I don’t want a refund, I want the item I ordered. I was told it was removed from the store due to no longer being available. As of this morning, it is still on the store front, price is decreased a bit, and I was offered $8 refund. Total bait and switch scam. I had planned on ordering one for everyone in the family. I am so glad I only ordered the one to see the quality first. Wish I would have looked for reviews first.

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