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Tiffany Funding Scam (July 2020) Get Assisted By Them

Tiffany Funding Scam Review,

Tiffany Funding Scam (July 2020) Get Assisted By Them >> In this article, you will get to know about a website providing high-interest rate credit card debt relief services.

Are you looking for beneficial and easy-pay financial assistance? Are you tired of listening to high-interest rate loans everywhere? If you agree to these questions, then you have landed on the right page. 

In this informative article, you will know about the Tiffany Funding website based in the United States. It gives debt at low-interest, which enables you to pay your debts quickly without many burdens. 

Before confirming to rely on any source regarding your financial matters, you must be aware of the necessary information given considering that particular source. So to remove your concerns, we will provide you with detailed information regarding this loan taking source. 

This unbiased article will also help you determine whether the assertion Tiffany Funding Scamis real. So, lets us read about it in more detail further. 

What is Tiffany Funding? 

Tiffany funding comes with the debt relief offer and claims to provide you with financial peace of mind by its funding services. It regulates on dual websites named the and

The Tiffany Funding provides you relief from high-interest rate credit card debt. It assists you in efficiently paying the loan timely. It makes things straightforward for you by allowing you to make one single payment. 

Instead of giving multiple due dates for you to submit your payment, it works out smoothly. 

How is Tiffany Funding beneficial for you?  

You can get a fund relief email from Tiffany Funding by clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ option cited on the Tiffany funding com website. 

After receiving an email, you will see a secret invitation code, using which you have to create your account for Tiffany Funding by entering some personal details. 

Furthermore, you can contact them by calling them on the given phone number or by sending a query to their email address or their office address. 

How does Tiffany Funding work? 

To find the reality of the assertion Tiffany Funding Scam,’ let’s see how it works. 

Tiffany fund provides you relaxation from credit card debts. They first send you an offer on mail. After opening their mail, you will get an exclusive invitation code at the bottom of your page.

Lastly, you’re required to create your account private invitation code and enter details like your name, email address, phone number, estimated household income, estimated credit card debt, estimated monthly credit card payments, etc. 

Tiffany Funding believes in a secure one single payment. It does not provide you with different dates to pay your installments in spite; it reduces your debt by 50%.

Tiffany also reduces the interest rate for your debt after a specific period. This gives you an easy way to compare the difference in your amount paid and interest rate. Accordingly, it provides you with financial relief from never-ending and increasing debt. 

The specifications of Tiffany Funding: 

  • Website type: The Tiffany fund website provides high-interest rate credit card debt relief services. 
  • To visit Tiffany funding click on
  • Office Address for the website is Farmington, (MI 48332 PO Box 913)
  • Contact Number: 888-224-6708
  • The website shows its social media presence on Facebook. 
  • Email address:

What are people saying about the Tiffany Funding website? 

While finding the explanation of whether the Tiffany Funding Scam’ statement is real, we came to know that Tiffany funding doesn’t exhibit any positive reviews regarding its services. 

People say that this site acts as a bait providing you with the low-interest rate for debt payment (around3%-4%) to consolidate your high-interest credit card debt.

After applying to it, they provide one of their new debt relief loans, which people usually cannot qualify. Based on which they try to turn over people into a more costly debt payment product.

Accordingly, based on the reviews, it is not safe for people to use the Tiffany Funding website to figure out their financial obligations. 


The Tiffany Funding site is not considered to be a reliable source by people. Many complaints were filed against the Tiffany Funding website regarding its false declarations. 

Moreover, people found this website operating on numerous sites to avoid an immense quantity of opposing criticisms and writings on the internet.

Therefore, finalizing our research for Tiffany Funding Scam,’ we can conclude that it is not safe to trust this website. 

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  1. They sent me a notice saying I was pre-approved for the amount on the voucher. When I talked with them and they ran my credit all of the sudden I was not approved and they wanted to negotiate rate with my credit card companies. I don’t do business with unethical scammer like My Tiffany Funding and you should be aware.

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