Tazcc com Reviews (Nov 2020) Read to Know More!

Tazcc com Reviews (Nov 2020) Read to Know More!

Tazcc com Reviews (Nov 2020) Read to Know More! >> Having a bad credit score and urgently need a credit card? Read the whole article to know more about it.

Are you worried about your bad credit score? Do you want to own a credit card after all the bad reputation in the credit market? Tazcc com Reviews has brought to you a company offering its customers of Visa credit card, even if they have a bad credit history. And guess the best part about it. Everything is done online. 

You do not have to worry about anything as we will be explaining you the whole process of obtaining the credit card online. So, if you are a United States resident and eligible to receive a credit, then read the entire article. 

What is Tazcc.com?

Taz has collaborated with First National Bank to provide visa credit cards. First National Bank Corporation is a financial service holding company established in 1974, whereas the first-ever First National Bank was founded in 1864 in Pennsylvania, United States

All you are going to need is a pre-approved offer Mail for applying for the Visa card which comes with the reservation and access code. You will require this reservation and access code while registering for the card on their official website. After you enter these codes and hit get started button, you will need to enter some more information, and then you will be ready to go.

Tazcc com Reviews would like to inform you that Taz gives you the opportunity to increase the credit limit based on your financial condition, after six months. One can access their account anywhere, anytime by accessing the task mobile application. They provide comprehensive and supportive customer service in case of any assistance if needed.

Specifications of the website:

Tazcc com Reviews provided you with the necessary specifications of the website as follows-

  • Customer service no.- 888-803-6634 / 1-605-782-3647
  • Correspondence for mailing- Taz Visa, PO Box 5081, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5081
  • Partner- FNB
  • Charges for the card- credit card annual fee: $75
  • Personal information required- income, employer, address, social security no., mortgage or rent amount.
  • Registration of the website- 19 February 2019

Pros of Taz.com:

  • Simple and easy online application process 
  • Allows to increase the credit limit 
  • Excellent customer service 
  • Access account through the app
  • Apply for paperless statement 
  • Make payments online
  • Track all the account related details online

Cons of Taz.com:

Mentions the cons of the website below-

  • High APR charged
  • Late fee charges posed. 
  • Tempts you to overspend. 
  • Interest charged. 
  • No reward points provided. 

Is the website legit according to Tazcc com Reviews?

You must look at the following necessary conditions to apply for the card: You must be a legal resident of US, must apply in between the specific period as mentioned in your Mail, do not provide any fake information, the minimum age should be 18 years, and you must not own any other credit card provided by FNB. 

In order to create the account, you need to visit the website and go to sign up and enter all the card related details as asked and once your details are authenticated, you have to go for a few more steps to create the online account.

This offer is invalid for active military personnel and their dependants.

The website is legit and safe to use. It has been registered for almost two years. The company has also launched the mobile app, which has over 1000 plus downloads on Google Play Store. 

Customer Reviews:

Although we could not find many customer reviews, but the ones available have assured that the website is legit. The card they offer is genuine. On Google Play Store, their app has received 3+ rating and no reviews are mentioned or available for the same. 

If you have used the website then do let us know in the comments section below about your experience and suggestions about the same.

Final verdict:

Tazcc com Reviews have brought to you an easy way to own a credit card even if you have a bad to fair credit score. So, if you fulfil all the necessary conditions for applying to the visa card as mentioned earlier in the article, then do give this a shot if you desperately require a credit card after all the bad reputation. But do remember about the disadvantages of owning the credit card. 

If you can control your spending and focus only on the necessary things then you will never face any problem.

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