Taurus g3c 9mm Reviews [June] Is This a Scam Site?

Taurus g3c 9mm Reviews [June] Is This a Scam Site?

Taurus g3c 9mm Reviews [June] Is This a Scam Site? -> Here, we will learn about an all new-next-generation handgun, which comes loaded with amazing features and a high price tag.

Most of the gun owners have a secret chant running over their mind. What are we looking for? We need an excellent gun that is inexpensive at the same time. When do they want it? The answer is now, maybe it isn’t the way we are writing, but the essence of this idea is very much the same. Regardless, the teams at Taurus have taken it upon them to answer this from gun owners in the United States. The company has come up with the all-new Taurus G3C 9MM.

Over the years, we have heard more than flattering things about the quality and customer service for Taurus G3C. Lately, we have come across several Taurus g3c 9mm Reviews, and I want to confess that we did not have any high hopes for it. But I want to tell you that handling and shooting this gun have a remarkable experience from start to finish.

What is Taurus G3C?

It is an all-new-next-generation G3C compact 9MM handgun built on a proven foundation that has made small G3 series one of the most popular personal defense handguns with advanced functions and reliability, and next-level durability. Furthermore, the company claims, it enters the market at a price point, making it industry-leading cost-to-performance personal EDC.

The company presents it superior to any other similar products available for sale in the United-States. Please read below to know more about it. Moreover, the Taurus G3C 9mm price affordable. 

Features of all-new Taurus G3C:

  • Product Name: Taurus G3C 9MM Handgun
  • Product Link: https://taurusg3.com/taurus-g3c
  • Caliber: 9MM Luger
  • Capacity: 10 or 12 round
  • Slide Finish: Tenifer Matte Black
  • Operational Control Finish: Teflon
  • Frame Size: Compact
  • Frame Material: Polymer
  • Firing System: Striker
  • Action Type: Single action with restrike capability
  • Safety: Manual Trigger safety, striker block, Loaded Chamber, Indicator
  • Front Sights: Fixed Front (white dot)
  • Rear Sights: Drift adjustable serrated
  • Slide Material: Alloy Steel
  • Barrel Length: 3.2 inches
  • Overall length: 6.3 inches
  • Overall width: 1.2 inches
  • Overall height: 5.1 inches
  • Weight: 22oz
  • Magazines included: 3×10 or 3×12
  • MSRP: $305.74

All About the Taurus G3C gun

The all-new G3C 9mm boasts of innovation and performance established by a sturdy polymer frame. It has become a prime choice for first-timers and seasoned shooters alike. It comes with 3rd generation trigger system, which is carefully redesigned using a flat trigger face, which allows putting finger pressure on front shoe for a straight pull. It is also beneficial for a shorter trigger to reset as well, which improves delivery while minimizing the jerk. It results in reducing the shot disturbance for better accuracy.

When it comes to durability, it comes with Tenifer finish to lower scuffing and increase corrosion resistance, which reduces the friction for smooth performance.

What are customers saying about it?

The customers are very happy and satisfied with the product they are receiving. For the same reason, it has become a no.1 choice for the people who are looking handgun for personal defense. No negative word is available anywhere about the product. 

Where can you buy it?

Taurus Holding Inc continues to evolve and create revolutionary products for the people across the country. Customers looking for it can either buy it from a reputed store or can visit the website to order. You can log on to https://taurusg3.com/taurus-g3c for more information about it. It is available at the price tag of $305.74, worth every penny you spend on it.

About the company:

Taurus Holding and its subsidiaries keep on working on new standards of quality and innovation. As a result, you get efficient products that are reliable and affordable for the market. Below is information about the company:

  • Customer Care Number: 229-235-4020, 800-327-3776
  • Headquarter telephone number: 229-515-8464
  • Mailing Address: 100 Taurus Way, Bainbridge, Georgia 39817
  • For media-related queries: Kim@mediadirectcreative.com

Final words:

Serving the nation for years, Taurus Holding INC is a pioneer in the arms and ammunition sector. With consistent innovation and technical advancement, the company is staying at the top of the chart. It works on producing top-quality personal defense equipment with amazing features and affordable price tags.

If you have any queries or questions to ask to let us know in the comment section if you have some suggestions to give, do write to us, and we will appreciate your efforts for the same.

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