talk2 Billy Com (Dec 2020) Is It Working?


talk2 Billy Com (Dec 2020) Is It Working? >> It is the post for sharing information on a new web portal from where users can send custom messages.    

If you want to be creative this festive season and send customized messages online, visit talk2 Billy Com. The recently created web portal from where users can send customized messages in a huge robotic fish’s voice. is a user-friendly, easy to use website with a speaking robotic fish. You can send unlimited messages from the website, and the robotic fish will deliver the personalized messages in a unique voice of fish.

Users have to visit the website and enter their message in the box, and the big mouth Billy fish speaks the message loud. The website is not limited to the United States users, but people of other nations can also use the portal to send customized messages.  

What is talk2 Billy Com?

talk2 Billy Com is a website created recently for people who want to send customized messages uniquely. The portal comes with a simple user interface, and anyone can use it to send messages by entering it in the website’s message box. allows users from the United States and other nations to make Billy speak the customized messages louder. The website visitors need to type their custom messages in the message box, and big mouth Billy fish speak the massage loud.

All the messages are delivered via Google Cloud Function, and a Python script translates the messages with apt commands and sends it to the server. People only need to type the message and click on the Send button to deliver the message. 

Users can write anything and send any number of messages, and the website will ensure delivering them. Finally, you will see the message confirming the receiving of the message. 

How to Send the Messages from talk2 Billy Com?

It is quite simple and hassle-free to use the website talk2 Billy Com to send custom messages in unlimited numbers. Follow the simple steps to complete the process and send an unlimited number of messages from the website. Follow the below-mentioned steps to send messages successfully. 

  • Visit the official website 
  • On the homepage, you will see a white box where you have to type your message manually
  • Enter the message you want to send
  • Tab on the “Send” button to complete the process
  • As you tab the “Send” button
  • You see a message confirming that Billy received the message
  • You are done

These are the simple yet steps you have to follow to complete sending messages from the website. 

What Users Have to Say?

As mentioned, the talk2 Billy Com is recently created, and it is only five days old. So, the website lacks in receiving responses and testimonials from online users. Some users have mentioned in their social accounts that people can go to the website and type any message and get it delivered. We have found very limited information about the website. So, users have to wait until genuine users publish any review. 

Conclusion is the new website and your friendly neighbour talking robotic fish. You can send an unlimited number of customized messages from the website by following a few simple steps. But, the portal is new, and it lacks online reviews and testimonials from users. So, research before using the website for sending messages. If you have anything to add about the talk2 Billy Com, please write it down in the comment section.

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