Swanbrooch com Reviews (July) Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Swanbrooch com Reviews (July) Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Swanbrooch com Reviews (July) Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> In this article, you may know about Swanbrooch.com and online shopping website.

Our present world can simply be termed as an online world. Most of our worldly needs to get fulfill through online handles. Gone are the days when one has to move from place to place to acquire things. Times have changed making purchases at ease. The global pandemic and the corresponding lockdown has proved online consignments are safe for people at both ends.

Rising trends of online marketing have brought things closer to us. Simple clicks from the place where we reside bring necessary accessories to our homes. As the number of online businesses increasingly pops up, our concerns should also increase in response and we tried to figure Swanbrooch com Reviews here.

In this article, let’s know about is Swanbrooch.com, an online business portal based in the United Kingdom and analyze whether Swanbrooch.com Legit?

What is Swanbrooch.com?

Swanbrooch is the online selling platform for various products and accessories from the vivid awn marketing house. Vivid awn introduces themself as a small but cutting edge company dedicated to Best gadgets, Fashion wares, Tools and Home Improvements. They own a warehouse, based in the United Kingdom and conduct business transactions across various countries throughout the globe.

Swanbrooch.com is well designed and an appeasing website for customer purchase. They are involved in selling various products, categorized in their page, namely; Baby and Kids, House ware, Clothing, Pet Supplies, Sports and Outdoor, Shoes and Accessories, Tools. This is a considerable range of products for a startup company. Also, the varieties displayed on the page attract the visitor to surf more.


  • Website type: Online Shopping
  • Website link: https://swanbrooch.com/
  • Contact mail: support@advisoryservice.vip or supermarket79@aliyun.com
  • Payment mode: American Express, Paypal, VISA, MasterCard
  • Payment Gateway: Paypal


  • User-friendly and simple web design
  • Payment made through trusted partners
  • Warehouse facility in the United Kingdom and delivery throughout the world
  • Refund, replacement and cancellation available within ten days of delivery
  • Cancellation facility available before and even after the product shipment
  • Attractive offers and discounts available


  • Shipment charges have to be borne by the buyer
  • Longer delivery duration (outside the United Kindom) as the product has to be shipped from the United Kingdom
  • In case of replacement, the buyer has to wait for a prolonged duration

Is Swanbrooch.com Legit?

Among existing online shopping businesses, Swanbrooch.com is a decent performing competitor within the United Kingdom. Being a startup, they handle specific product categories, for now, hope the list extends in future.

To check whether Swanbrooch.com is legit or not; let’s live the Swanbrooch com Reviews as several details need to be reviewed.

A Principal aspect is the safety of our money. As mentioned, PayPal is the official payment gateway. Hence our money is handled by secured hands. Terms regarding transactions are thoroughly uploaded in the website, which convinces us of the safety. The company ask for pieces of information that are usually requested by every franchise to open an account. 

A case with every online shopping is that quality and performance can be checked only after purchase. Swanbrooch.com isn’t an exception. So the buyer has to purchase the product to check it’s performance. In case of disappointment, the company offers to take back or replace the item.

Replacement or return request has to be placed with a picture demonstrating the flaw in the purchased item. The buyer must bear the shipping cost. In the case of poor quality or non-working condition, the product shall not be returned, but the company will make a new replacement. Purchase cost would be reverted immediately after the return shipment, deducting the cost of shipping.

The contact details are confusing as there are two available contact details on the webpage.

  • support@advisoryservice.vip
  •   supermarket79@aliyun.com

The second mentioned address seems to be irrelevant.

The company mentions the availability of retail stores, but a search result on the webpage doesn’t locate one.

Regarding the products marketed on the webpage; It is evident and worth spending time on the page. Latest models of the product and recently launched items are available for sale. Details of the product are nicely presented but lack customer review.

What customer says?

A significant drawback is the missing customer reviews. The page also doesn’t display any columns for customer views, including rating options. Rather some products have reviews from professionals uploaded by the website. This may not make the product trustworthy.

Final Verdict

From the Swanbrooch com Reviews and overall thumbs up could be given to the page. And we recommend for purchase by customers residing within the United Kingdom. 

Customers living outside the United Kingdom may stay away as the company doesn’t own warehouse facilities outside and delivery of the product may take a long time with a risk of damage.

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  1. I ordered a product at the beginning of August, they took payment from my account on the same day. I have not received any goods & Swanbrooch are refusing to refund.

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