Sutterhealthpremiumlawsuit Com (Dec 2020) Unread Facts

Sutterhealthpremiumlawsuit Com (Dec 2020) Unread Facts

Sutterhealthpremiumlawsuit Com (Dec 2020) Unread Facts >> With this article, you are exploring a class action lawsuit for health insurance!

Did you pay premiums for health insurance from Sutter Health? Sutterhealthpremiumlawsuit com is an online platform in the United States, informing its users about the premium for health insurance.If any user has paid any portion of their health insurance premiums since January 1, 2011, it can affect their rights.The premiums paid from Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, United HealthCare, or Health Net, and Blue Shield of California are included in this information.This article will guide you about the lawsuit and who all are included in the class.

What Is Sutterhealthpremiumlawsuit com?

Sutter Health is an online platform that provides information about lawsuits and rights related to health insurance.It has declared that if any users have paid any portion of their premiums of health insurance from Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, United HealthCare or Health Net, and Blue Shield of California at any day since January 1, 2011, their rights may be affected due to a class-action lawsuit.

What Is The Lawsuit Mentioned By Sutter Health?

There are claims of a class-action lawsuit that Sutterhealthpremiumlawsuit com has violated unfair and antitrust competition laws.Due to this, certain employers and individuals in some parts of Northern California had to overpay for their health insurancepremiums.Individuals purchased these insurances from certain parts mentioned above from January 1, 2011, till today.

However, Sutter Health has denied all the allegations made against them or any wrong conduct done by them.It has also denied that its conduct did not cause any increase the payment of premiums that any employers or individuals had to pay.

Who Are Included In The Class Of Lawsuit?

The class-action certified by the court includes the Nine Ras or Nine Rating areas entitled in California.It includes five health plans for which certain employers or individuals overpaid. However, it does not have federal employees.It is not determined yet by the court that if the Sutter or Plaintiffs are correct or not.

What are your legal rights and options?

The legal rights’ and options include doing nothing or asking to be excluded from the March 8, 2021 deadline.

The deadline date has been decided if you want to request for the exclusion fromSutterhealthpremiumlawsuit com. Sutter Health is hit with the lawsuit recently.You can be a part of this lawsuit class action called Sidibe et al. v St=utter Health. Its number shown is 3:12-cv-4854-LB. The class action is pending in the U.S District Court, California’s Northern District.

Final verdict:

Sutter health has faced a class action lawsuit again. If anyone qualifies as a member of this class action, they can decide whether they want to exclude themselves from the class or stay in it.Anyone who has paid a part of their premium of health insurance will affect their legal rights. For the latest update, you can visit the website of Sutterhealthpremiumlawsuit com.

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