Sonomask Reviews (Nov) Must Read Before You Order!

Sonomask Reviews (Nov) Must Read Before You Order!

Sonomask Reviews (Nov) Must Read Before You Order! >> Please don’t miss this study of face masks that help you to make the best buying decision and check the details now.

Are you frustrated with the ill-fitting face mask covering? Go ahead with the Sonovia’s mask. Yes and, Sonomask Reviews help you to know about the product better. 

In a short period, thousands of well-renowned companies started manufacturing masks. People adopted the trend of a mask as fashion and protection. The trends of colorful printed clothes masks are widely popular in the United States

But, if we consider it from a health perspective, we should be very picky. So, we have decided to bring the Sonovia’s creation among you; that produce dual-layer reusable face mask. But, is it seriously capable of providing double protection? That’s what we are going to read through these reviews. Let’s find out the answer.

What is Sonomask?

A manufacturer, Sonovia’s product, Sonomask, is specially created for men that prevent airborne particles. 

Made in Israel, it comes with the dual layer – outside and inside. The outside layer is manufactured with 80 percent polyester and 20 percent cotton. On the other hand, an inside fabric is created with a hundred percent pure polyester. Thus, it gives protective treatment with advanced technology.

That’s why people in the United States prefer the Sonovia’s mask to other standard medical mask selling there. Please stay connected to know more about the product and the Sonomask Reviews.

Specifications of Sonomask

  • Product: Sonomask
  • Brand: Sonovia
  • Target audience: Men 
  • Package dimensions: 15.01*14.5*4.6 cm.
  • Pack: 3
  • Weight: 118 g.
  • First available for sale: 4 July 2020.
  • Features: Doubled layer, coating of Zinc oxide nanoparticles.
  • Fabric: Inside layer- 100 percent polyester; Outside layer: 80% polyester & 20% with cotton
  • Measurement-3.5*7.7 inches (9*19.5cm)

Benefits for Sonomask for Buyers

  • It is a reusable product.
  • The washing process is easy with soap or detergent. Sonomask Reviews recommends, wash it with hands or laundry (once a week) in warm water to clean natural oil.
  • It provides comfortable fitting by covering your mouth and nose completely. 
  • A double layer provides dual protection from dusty and harmful bacteria.
  • Its sustainable zinc oxide coating does not let it break down, as happened with the other traditional masks.
  • The fabric is soft as it doesn’t create any skin rashes or problems. 
  • The average weight is light to carry throughout the day.
  • It is easily adjustable around your ears.
  • There is no difficulty in the breathing process.

Limitations of Sonomask

  • You may find it costly.
  • The size is a little small for some users.
  • The nose piece was absent on the mask.  
  • It is not suitable to perform the functions as a surgical mask does.
  • It is not recommended for children.

Sonomask Reviews from the Customers

More than 50 percent of customers are pleased with the quality of the mask. A large number of buyers found it expensive in terms of quality. 

‘The nickel coating material is protective, gives a smooth feeling, and covers the face well, comfortable to handle, and adjustable around ears, but I think it is expensive as I expected more protection and extra quality in such an immense amount. It is useful for common prevention from dusty airborne. If you are seeking a health point of view, surgical masks are quite good.’ A user shared his buying experience on a renowned e-commerce platform.

Thus, it is the experience of a person who works in the hospital. Our study of the other client feedbacks interpreted that the product is ideal, comfortable, and protective. The buyers are also delighted with the customer service and timely delivery of the item.

But, during our research, we have found that some people have the complaints for the mask size and the absence of the metal nose piece.

Final Conclusion

We observed from Sonomask Reviews and the product’s specifications that the item is ultimately legit to give full prevention as it promised. The second active polyester fabric acts as a filter to eliminate all dirt, airborne particles, or harmful bacteria. 

Wear it while walking, driving, or in the office. The lightweight feature never lets you know that you wear something on the face. The best thing is you don’t need to wash it daily. Wash it within a week with hands, easy, right?

The price can be a little limitation for you, but that’s alright if you want to enjoy its benefits. 

Overall, we are in favor of the Sonomask. Now, it is up to you to make the buying decision. Please study its specifications more attentively, check your needs, and order it if it suits you well. 

Struggling again with questions or doubts? Please ask your questions or doubts in the comment box regarding the product and the Sonomask Reviews. We’re always there to help you.

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