Smyths Xbox Series X (Nov 2020) Is it Worth the Money?

Smyths Xbox Series X (Nov 2020) Is it Worth the Money?

Smyths Xbox Series X (Nov 2020) Is it Worth the Money? >> This article gave you all the relevant information about a website claiming new generation gaming consoles and other toys.

2020 has been a bad year for every country; people have lost their loved ones, their jobs, and every country’s economic structure is struggling to survive. Pandemic has affected everyone in an unpredictable way. All those companies who rely on face to face interactions in their business have seen losses. The one organization that has seen immense growth because of the Lockdown is the Gaming Industry. 

One of the gaming consoles that have attracted everyone is Smyths Xbox Series X, a new generation gaming console that came after a long time. In this article, we’ll be talking about the same and how it is making progress in countries like the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Germany.

What is SMYTHS?

An online website offers its customers to choose and order from various products like toys, baby rooms, outdoor, electronic equipment, and games. There is a useful page made by the website where you get all the information about your rights. The help and FAQ section has also helped many customers with their queries since the website has its official pages on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, which makes it trustable.

What is Smyths Xbox Series X?

The site “Smyths” offers a wide range of products, and Xbox series X is one such product. Xbox is a renowned brand with deep roots from the past—one of the exclusive games of this console known for id HALO. People around the world play with their friends online. Due to the Pandemic, gaming has helped everyone to stay connected.   

What to choose between PS5 and Xbox series x?

Smyths Xbox Series X is a good option, but you need to have a holistic approach before making such investments. Both these consoles have always competed, and it depends on the choice of games that the user wants to play—one thing to keep in mind the exclusive game made available on both these platforms. Since the launch, there is a debate on Twitter and YouTube about which of these consoles people should invest in.


  • Backward Compatibility means games that have been released in the past can be played on the console.
  • Cost of Smyths Xbox Series X – 449.99 Pounds.
  • Delivery of digital games on click.
  • It has increased speed and power.
  • A plethora of games to choose from.
  • 3D sound.
  • Crossplay enabled, which means you can play with other gaming consoles.
  • YouTube, Netflix, Twitch, and other streaming platforms can be accessed on this console.

Pros of Xbox Series X.

  • Fastest gaming console.
  • Most powerful specs.
  • Easy to switch between multiple games.
  • 4k display with 120 frames per second.
  • Old games save data will be easily transferred by logging in.

Cons of Xbox Series X.

  • Costly.
  • Launch line-up clashes with PlayStation.
  • They have limited exclusive games.
  • Console size is comparatively significant.
  • Bugs in the new console.

Customer Reviews and Returning Policy.

Smyths Xbox Series X has got a close competition with its rival PlayStation. People in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany have been using this website to purchase toys, electronic equipment, baby rooms, and several other outdoor items like cycles, go-karts, and scooters. The website has received mixed ratings.

There are different studies given by the clients, and the site has been explored persistently. The things that the site is offering besides having surveys with the conclusion of purchaser steadfastness. You can also return your orders with a time limit as mentioned on the products.  

Final Verdict.

The gaming industry has seen monstrous accomplishment in the previous 7-8 months as individuals were stuck at home and got time for themselves. Although it is encouraged to get great degrees to have a splendid future in the present unique climate, things have changed; individuals have understood that they can do what they are enthusiastic about and bring in cash utilizing the refreshed innovation.

After going through the website’s FAQ and customer review section, it can be said that Smyths Xbox Series X is a legit site, and you can make investments as they provide timely delivery of the orders. One thing to keep in mind is that your commodities’ delivery might get delayed because of the Pandemic. We would recommend our readers to wait for at least six months before purchasing the console as there might be hidden bugs that haven’t come in the notice.

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