Sleevz Mask Reviews (Dec) Is This Genuine Or A Scam?

Sleevz Mask Reviews (Dec) Is This Genuine Or A Scam?

Sleevz Mask Reviews (Dec) Is This Genuine Or A Scam? >> This post will help you in finding out the legitimacy of the store that offers innovative facemasks.

Are you looking for a mask that also protects your eyes from airborne viruses? If yes, then join us in these Sleevz Mask Reviews. These reviews contain everything about the store that sells these innovative masks, and it will also help you identify the authenticity of the site.  

Sleeves Face Mask is the newly invented product that has been launched after months of research & development. As we all know, the pandemic situation is still on, and wearing Mask is always mandatory to protect each other from the coronavirus. But, the face covers you will find in the market do not protect your eyes, and these days it is essential to take care of the eyes as the virus has become airborne. Our eyes have mucus membranes just like our eyes and nose, so it is also at risk.

Sleevz Face Mask store is delivering Worldwide, so hurry up!

What is Sleevz Face Mask?

Sleevz Face Mask store is the online store that is in the business since July 2020. The site is the sole seller of an innovative facemask that also protects your eyes. Sleeves masks are God sent as it comes with various exclusive features like it is highly breathable. It does not make your glasses foggy, comfortable to wear as it does not put pressure on your ears or mouth. It is washable, reusable, trendy, and stylish, made using soft fabric that does not harm your skin even after prolonged use, etc.

Besides this, Sleevz face masks provide you the freedom to wear any glass as it goes with any like sunglasses, power glasses, filter glasses, etc. It protects your entire face and does cause any irritation around your ears and mouth. The Sleevz store is delivering Worldwide, as its primary motive is to provide your comfort and protraction all at once.

These are non-medical masks, so if you are having any medical issues, the company is advising you to first ask your doctors before using. Read further in these Sleevz Mask Reviews to know more. 

 Specifications of Sleevz Mask 

  • Website URL –
  • Product – Face Mask 
  • Email address –
  • Company address – Not specified 
  • Contact number- Not specified 
  • Shipping time – Not specified 
  • Shipping charges – Free shipping on signing up through email 
  • Return & exchange – Not available 
  • Refund policy – Not available 
  • Order tracker – Not specified 
  • Order history – Not available  
  • Order cancellation – Not available 
  • Discount offers – Not available 
  • Newsletter- Yes, available 
  • Warranty – Not available 
  • Payment method- American Express, VISA, PayPal, Mastercard, DISCOVER, Diners Club and JCB, etc

What are the pros of ordering from Sleevz Mask?

  • The store has invented new masks that protect your entire face, including the eyes.
  • These face masks are highly comfortable, breathable, and comes with several unique features.
  • These masks are suitable for all the eye wears like sunglasses, power glasses, etc.
  • The website has gained a good response on social media and positive Sleevz Mask Reviews. 
  • You can wear these masks for more extended hours as it does not put pressure on your ears and nose.
  • These masks are reusable as you can wash it every day.   
  • It looks stylish and trendy. 

What are the cons of ordering from Sleevz Mask?

  • These are non-medical masks and can’t be used by having medical issues without the doctor’s permission.
  • The website’s domain is created on 30 July 2020, which is only two months old.
  • This website has not revealed any of the information about the company and its policies. 

Is Sleevz Mask Legit?

Sleeves Face Mask is the innovative face covers that also protect your eyes. It is trending these days and has gained popularity over social media. But the website does not contain any of the information regarding the company and its policies. Moreover, there are no user reviews available on it.  

Hence, the site is only two months old and has not contains any strong evidence to prove its authenticity.

What are the user’s reviews regarding Sleevz Face Mask?

According to the one customer review posted on the website’s social media page, the product is likable and satisfied the user. Still, there are no more Sleevz Mask Reviews available anywhere over the network. 

Final Verdict 

In the end, we conclude that please do in-depth research regarding the store, its services, and product on your own and then place your order.

Please do share these Sleevz Mask Reviews with others and mention your comments down below. 

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  1. Hello, I am the Co-Founder of SLEEVZ. We are not suspicious and we have nothing to hide. We will begin shipping our masks in the next couple of weeks, which is stated on our website. And that is why there are no reviews yet. My wife made the website it is her first one, she will continue to improve and thanks for feedback. Feel free to email us with questions at

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