Simon Parkes Home (Jan) Everything You Need To Know!

Simon Parkes Home (Jan) Everything You Need To Know!

Simon Parkes Home (Jan) Everything You Need To Know! >> The write-up is based on the research to give crucial information about awareness creating portal.

Simon Parkes HomeHey! Everyone, welcome you all. Get the complete details of the Simon Parkes website here. What it does, its Aims and vision, and what people are saying about it. So, if you are also curious to know about the Simon Parkes site, then please stay tuned here.

Connecting Consciousness is vastly growing in many countries worldwide, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The portal sells products and publishes trending and latest news worldwide so that members of it get informed about everything globally.

What is Simon Parkes Home?

As per the research, the portal is almost six years old. It creates a platform for every individual to speak freely, develop awareness, and sell useful products. You can join the massive group in simple steps. The hub’s primary aim and vision are mentioned briefly in the below section, so please go through it.

About Simon Parkes

Simon Parkes is born in a family that had a connection in British and American intelligence. Both his mother and grandfather were employed in the secret intelligence service. With a robust and intelligent family background, Simon established Connecting Consciousness, a free organization that mainly works in raising people’s awareness. Please stay connected to know more about Simon Parkes Home.

Simon Parkes Aims

  • Creating Networks – Connecting people through, local national, and international Spiritual groups.
  • Sharing Knowledge – To make awareness and inform people worldwide through education, research, and debate by uncovering the truth.
  • Combining voices – Creating a platform to raise the question, empowering discussion which leads us towards the truth.

Simon Parkes HomeVision

  • Service to each other is essential than service to self.
  • Connecting Consciousness is a place where one can talk to each other in a supportive manner.
  • To show the world that there is a different way of valuing people and different ways of doing things.

Simon Parkes Testimonials

When we researched what people are saying or writing about the site, these are the essential data revealed on the site. As this site have shown some products like 5G bio shield, some people have used the item and positively reviewed the product.

One says using a 5G bio shield has changed their life. Whereas few say they are happy with the product and it is beneficial.

The site is active on various social media platforms and updates informative videos where many people are talking negatively, that Parkes said many things, but they are not valid. And it’s all non-desired messages. 

Even though Simon Parkes Home‘s domain age is old dated as of 2014-12-04, due to its mixed reviews, we suggest you research more before becoming the member of the community.

Final Verdict

Let’s wind up the post with a few words. This website helps to connect people globally, creates awareness by uncovering the truth also encourages free speaking. You can join the group for free and if you wish to donate, use the donate button on the screen and Pay through PayPal. Please research more about the site and then go for it. 

We hope the guide was helpful to you. If you know anything about Simon Parkes Home, you can add your words in the comments section below.

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