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Sigg Vacuum Bottle {Oct} Sigg Bottle- Legit!

Sigg Vacuum Bottle 2020

Sigg Vacuum Bottle {Oct} Sigg Bottle- Legit! >> Are you thinking of buying a water bottle? Read article to know about SIGG Switzerland water bottle.

With the world moving to digital platforms rapidly, many old and well-known companies have joined the crew to keep up in the race. One of the oldest companies, SIGG Switzerland, has the highest consumption rate in the United States despite being originated from Switzerland. SIGG Switzerland specialized in producing aluminum flasks and water bottles. 

Steve Wasik is the first American born CEO of the company and world leader of reusable bottles, and a proud member of 1% of the planet. If you are thinking of contributing to the environment and buy SIGG Switzerland water bottles, please read our Sigg Vacuum Bottle  for further assistance.

What is SIGG Switzerland?

The history of SIGG Switzerland began in 1908 when Ferdinand SIGG, a metal specialist, returned to his native land after traveling and learning worldwide. Along with his friend, Xaver Küng, they established an aluminum factory in Biel with love and believe that aluminum is the future metal.

A year later, they were successful in their company and moved the factory from Biel to Frauenfeld; the company later took over by the leading supplier in 1936. With the change in time and demand, the company also started producing bottles in various colors and designs and included other kitchen appliances.

With great Sigg Vacuum Bottle , the company celebrated 110 years of excellent history in 2018.


  • Website name- SIGG Switzerland 
  • Website url- 
  • Website genre- water bottles, kitchen appliances
  • Products on the website- water bottles, travel mugs, lunch box, accessories
  • Worldwide shipping through the original website as well as third party stores
  • Price includes sales tax, exclusive of indicated shipping and packaging costs.
  • Two weeks of the cancelation policy
  • Exclusive delivery in Europe and the United Kingdom
  • Additional charges for delivery in the United States
  • Europe contact information- SIGG Switzerland bottles Ag, Walzmuhlestrasse 62 CH-8501 Frauenfeld.
  • Telephone- +41527286330
  • Email: 
  • Managing Directors: Adrian Meili
  • Contact information for the UK- SIGG Switzerland Bottles AG C/O We Work, 6 Brindley Place, Birmingham B1 2JB
  • Email: 

Pros and cons of SIGG Switzerland


  • Aluminum water bottles for hot and cold
  • Excellent company records
  • Worldwide consumptions
  • Sigg Vacuum Bottle Reviews available on the internet


  • Product prices are available in the EU and GDP only.
  • Exclusive delivery only in Europe and the UK
  • The website does not have a refund policy.
  • No reviews on the website 

Is SIGG Switzerland legit?

We have known the brand for a long time, but that doesn’t mean if the website is legit or fake. We decided to run a background check on the website to know more about the brand’s legitimacy.

United-domains AG registered the website on 13th December 2003. The registrant contact shows china as the registered country, which might be possible as the company has the parent organization of Zhejiang Haers Vacuum Containers Co Ltd, which has headquarters in china.

The website is legit as the age of the domain is more than five years old. The website is lacking some product knowledge, but it might get updated in the future. 

We suggest you read Sigg Vacuum Bottle Reviews by customers before purchasing from the website.

What do customers say?

If we look for the customer’s reviews on SIGG Switzerland and its product, the reviews are impressive. Many people love the flask’s quality and material as it keeps water hot for a long time and the same for cold water. The bottles are not bulky in weight and easy to carry while travelling or only for bed. 

The reviews are from worldwide as the product is consumed in almost every country. A customer from the United Kingdom is delighted with the flasks and has suggested it to his colleagues. 

The ratings and reviews show that the product is trustworthy and appreciated by consumers. If you have any experience or want to share your Sigg Vacuum Bottle Reviews, do let us know in the comment section below.

Final verdict

SIGG Switzerland is a company of water bottles and appliances with 110 years of excellent history. The website lacks some information, but that can be covered in the future as it shows the website is still developing. We have all the reasons to trust the brand, and if you don’t want to purchase from the original website or the website doesn’t deliver to your location, you can also purchase from third-party stores. E-commerce stores listing SIGG Switzerland products for sales.

There is no doubt about the website’s legitimacy or product when we analyze our research, still we suggest customers to research well and read Sigg Vacuum Bottle Reviews before purchasing and investing their money. 

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