Shopgoodone com Reviews [Sept 2020] Is It a Legit Store?

Shopgoodone com Reviews [Sept 2020] Is It a Legit Store?

Shopgoodone com Reviews [Sept 2020] Is It a Legit Store? -> We have given a review on a new e-shop that sells women clothing online.

Do you plan to buy fashion clothing online from a new webstore? We will talk about a new webshop that has recently entered the online market, called It is a new webstore that sells women fashion clothing like dresses, jumpsuits, etc. To make your shopping worthwhile and useful, we will give Shopgoodone com Reviews for you to judge the website. That will help you in buying and spending your money wisely.

For a good experience and scam proof shopping, it is essential to study all details related to a new e-shop. Thus, we have prepared a detailed report for our readers to analyze and then proceed for their online shopping. The website is not from the United States, and we will give every detail about the set-up and countries involved. We will discuss all pros and cons and help you analyze the site correctly.

What is

The webshop is new and sells fashion apparel like jumpsuits, dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories. The prices are pocket-friendly, and shipping charges are $8.99 onwards, depending on the location, including the United States. They have worldwide free shipping for orders placed above $48 and take a delivery time of 8 to 14 days for the products to get delivered. The refund policy gives the time of 30 days for placing returns.

Payments can be made using PayPal only. There is no availability of any contact address, and a phone number is available. Email support ID is also available for contact.

Specifications of

  • Website type – Retailer of Women Clothing Online
  • Website Country – Canada
  • Shipping cost – Free above $48 (otherwise $8.99 and above)
  • Returns – Acceptable within 30 days
  • Office Address – Not available
  • Phone number – 1 877 2534927
  • Email ID –
  • Payment mode – PayPal
  • Social media – No association is present

Positive Points of

  • The webshop has a range of clothing available for women.
  • The delivery is available worldwide.

Negative Points of

  • The website is exceptionally new and only 54 days old.
  • The owner has not given any address for making contact.
  • The phone number available on the website is doubtful.
  • There are no positive reviews available for the website anywhere.
  • The mode of payment available is only one.
  • No links detected with social media platforms.

Is Shopgoodone com Legit?

Before going for a shopping spree on this new website, know about the Shopgoodone com Reviews here. The website is a recent one and is only 54 days old. It has a very low traffic ranking on Alexa. The owner is hiding his identity, and the website country claims to be from the US, although it is from Canada. One high-risk country is also involved in the set-up and is known for being a fraudulent website.

There are no reviews available for the website on any social media platform or any reviewing site. All these details make it an unreliable website to shop for clothes online. The website also has only one mode of payment available for its customers, and that is a drawback at its part. Looking at the Shopgoodone com Reviews, we can say that it can be a possible scam site and cannot be trusted entirely.

What People talk about

The newly launched webshop that sells women apparel is entirely new in the web world and is rarely known. After analyzing the Shopgoodone com Reviews on the web, we could find none. People hardly know about the new webshop, and so no reviews are available. You can also attribute to the fact that people do not trust the new e-shop for buying online.

Whatever may be the truth, but the fact is that it is a webshop that is hardly in demand and you cannot use it for online shopping. There is no association available with leading social media platforms and not even popular review sites. That shows its unpopularity and low level of trust among the buyers.

The Final Verdict

After a thorough investigation and research, we found that it is not a trustworthy site. There is some hidden information that the owner has not provided for the customers.

Transparency is absent, and the reality behind the website country is also a dispute as the website claims to be from the US, and in fact, it is not.

Keeping all the above aspects in mind, we request the buyers to avoid shopping on this new website and safeguard yourself.

0 thoughts on “Shopgoodone com Reviews [Sept 2020] Is It a Legit Store?

  1. Don’t believe these drop shippers when they say “MADE IN USA” and SHIPPED FROM USA. They are selling nothing more than cheap China crap. FALSE ADVERTISING.

  2. I ordered a sweater. The page said, “Made in USA and Shipped from USA.” When I got the tracking number, it was China. The sweater that I ordered looks nothing like the picture and I even ordered a size larger than normal and it is way too small. Very disappointed and it wouldn’t even pay to return it, as it is expensive to send something to China. Such deceit.

    1. You are absolutely right. I bought the blue sweater on their site for my wife and it is too small. The pictures are misleading. Do not buy from this site.

  3. Buyer beware!!! I purchased two sweaters with seeing returns were eligible for 30 days, my sweater was damaged upon opening, and they will not accept returns. Nor will they refund me the cost of the sweater or send me a new one. Terrible customer service.

  4. Thank you so much for all the information you provided in your review. I was a little skeptical and called the phone number shown on the website and it is not valid. I almost made the leap to purchase from their website.

  5. I ordered from them and the pieces came from China! I was not happy, they smelled like kerosene, the one sweater didn’t even cover my boobs, the other was listed as a sweater, but was a double knit light-weight piece of nothing! I was not happy, tried to return them, they offered $10 and “you keep product” – now working with PayPal to get my money back! Don’t believe their hype about “made in the USA” or their “100% guarantee or money back”! Not happening – still waiting.

  6. Sweaters are crap. I got ahold of PayPal and heard from the company wanting to give me 50% what I paid. I told them only 100% will be accepted. PayPal is working on the issue. Also it said made in USA and shipped from USA.

  7. They claim 100% satisfaction but it does not respond to returns nor several emails . All the reviews are glowing but you can’t post one . I returned a $29 sweater with no response or refund . This company is a sham along with about 9 others that advertised the exact same sweater ,exact same photo advertisement. Don’t get screwed like I did .

  8. This is a scam company! I ordered and received a cardigan, but it was nothing like what they had posted. It is so cheaply made you can literally see through it! I tried to contact the company, but the e-mail account has been removed.

  9. I would not advise anyone to buy from this company. It is a scam, the sweater looks like it is worth $2.00 . The sweater is 3 sizes smaller than what I ordered.

  10. I also ordered the bulky sweater but when it came it was nothing like the picture n stinks really bad. I’ve seen better quality in a Dollar store. Very dissatisfied with this company n it product. Not USA made.

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