Sharpie Gate Dot Com (Nov 2020) Used Sharpie-Is It True?

Sharpie Gate Dot Com (Nov 2020) Used Sharpie-Is It True?

Sharpie Gate Dot Com (Nov 2020) Used Sharpie-Is It True? >> The post gives comprehensive details and information on the felt tip pen ballot controversy circulating on social media.

Everything was going well and smoothly in the presidential election 2020, with Arizona being the prime focus of the election. Many claims circulated across the social platforms stating that eligible voters from the Arizona United States were pushed to use the Sharpie marker to fill their ballot to make their votes invalid. According to the officials, using Sharpie Gate Dot Com pens for voting won’t invalidate their ballot in the state, and voters can carry their pen for voting. 

However, there are claims that state poll workers at the polling station were taking the pens carried by the voters and encouraging them to use Sharpies markers. The Sharpie markers bleed through, and the votes cast using the marker can’t be read. 

The social posts and a video have been published where a man speaks to the voter that claims ballots, where Sharpie pens were used, can’t be read, and the poll workers are forcing voters to use Sharpie instead of pens they are carrying with them.

What is Sharpie Gate Dot Com?

Sharpie gate pen or marker is the controversy that popped up this week after a few claims from the supporters of Trump in Arizona, claiming that voters’ ballots are invalid because they were forced by poll workers to use a Sharpie marker to cast their vote.  

However, the election authorities are debunking these claims circulating in social media. The officials have confirmed that the votes cast by Sharpie Gate Dot Com pens won’t be invalid, and it would have no impact on the votes recorded by the tabulation machine.

Donald Trump, his supporters, and his campaigns have already made groundless allegations repeatedly for the voter fraud and claiming doubts on results, calling for underlying legal charges later in the United States election 2020. 

However, the claim that using the Sharpie gate marker to cast a vote will invalidate the ballot is false. 

The Highlights of Sharpie Gate Controversy

If you are eligible for voting and voted a ballot in person, your vote will be counted, regardless of the type of pen you used for filling your ballot. So, the Sharpie gate controversy is false. Some of the highlights of the Sharpie Gate Dot Com controversy are:

  • The controversial theory wrongly claims that using the Sharpie Gate marker to fill the ballot in Arizona causes all votes in favour of Trump to be invalid.
  • The use of the Sharpie marker for filling ballot won’t impact the tabulation. Voters are encouraged to use any pen they are carrying with them.            
  • The claims are falsely promoted and circulated on social media by right-wing activists. 
  • The claims are misleading, and the videos are spreading conspiracy theories amongst the voters and highlighting misleading information on the Sharpie Gate marker.

Final Thought

The felt tip Sharpie Gate Dot Com marker ballot controversy circulating in social media is false. Voters are requested to avoid such claims and posts and never get caught up in such controversies.

As confirmed, the ballot tabulation machines in Arizona can read all the ballots, regardless of the pen or marker used to fill the ballot. If there is something that you want to add here, please write it down in the comment section. 

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