Shadow Shell Informant (Dec) Know the Facts of the Site.

Shadow Shell Informant (Dec) Know the Facts of the Site.

Shadow Shell Informant (Dec) Know the Facts of the Site. >> Do uncollectible minion cards attract you? Read this article to get an insight into an exciting minion rogue card.

Don’t worry, you are among multiple players worldwide, especially in the United States, United Kingdom and India who are huge fans of such cards.

In today’s world, we are spoilt with choices in every sector. Whether shopping, entertainment, education, or other fields, we have innumerable options available. Additionally, e-commerce websites allure customers with attractive innovations now and then.

Same with gaming.

Online game developers also come up with innovative ideas very frequently so that players do not lose interest and remain entertained.

Shadow Shell Informant is also a type of incentive that helps players stay connected to games. It is an uncollectible rogue minion card and currently a rage among players.

But what are uncollectible cards? Let us find through the following article.

What are uncollectible cards? 

Uncollectible cards are playable cards available in the game, in the course of a match. 

However, players cannot collect these cards as they cannot be permanently acquired or added to their collection.

Most uncollectible cards are developed by Hearthstone Cards which was initially a part of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (TCG). 

However, since 2013, it has worked independently to create uncollectible cards.

What is Shadow Shell Informant?

It is an uncollectible rogue minion card. It is created by Connections, a rogue Hero Power in Duels

Minions are characters on the battlefield that fight for their hero persistently. Minion cards have unique Attack and Health numbers that represent them. 

This card has a random effect, which means that the outcome is always uncertain, and therefore, there is a fun quotient to it.

The card features the Child of Tortolla image. However, there are some changes in the image of this card recently. Fans will get an update of these changes soon.

Some other changes to the Shadow Shell Informant patch before this were:

  • On 12 November 2020- Patch was added.
  • On 15 December 2020- Patch, It no longer has a battery.

Some specifications of this card:

  • Category- Duel Cards Artwork
  • Artwork- World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (TCG) from “War of the Ancients” series 
  • Type- Minion
  • Subtype- Beast
  • Class- Rogue
  • Cost- 1
  • Attack- 1
  • Health– 1
  • Tags- Random
  • Pixel Size- 750/ 580 pixels
  • File size- 163 KB
  • Mime type: image/jpeg
  • Artist- Jessica Jung
  • Source-
  • Date of creation- 17 November 2020
  • Time of creation- 03:09

Final verdict:

Shadow Shell Informant is a fun card created for excitement. It is one of those legendary minion cards that depict significant characters from the Warcraft lore.

Players love it for its element of chance that can be interesting, rewarding, or even frustrating. 

Please add your comments to this article. It will let fans know more about this unique card.

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