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Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum Review (Dec 2020) Buy It Or Not?


Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum Review (Dec 2020) Buy It Or Not? >> The write-up is for sharing details of the new smart home cleaning gadget so that buyers can make the right choice.

Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum Reviews: Do you want to get rid of daily mopping and vacuuming? Are you looking for a smart and effective cleaning gadget for daily floor cleaning needs? Samsung comes with their new two-in-one gadget that can vacuum and mop the hard-to-reach areas across your house. The product is available for purchase in Australia.  

The sleek and compact gadget features a high-capacity battery that allows the gadget to clean the floors smartly for up to 150 minutes. With the dedicated Smartphone app and integrated Wi-Fi control, users can command the robot vacuum cleaner from anywhere, even when out of the house. 

The smart cleaner allows users to remotely control the function, stop and start cleaning, set multiple schedules for cleaning, mopping, water flow, and adjust the gadget’s suction power for efficient cleaning. 

The dust collector is easy to clean with normal water. It is the smart two-in-one cleaner with both vacuum and mopping functions. 

What is Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum?

Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum is an advanced, smart floor cleaner with dual functions for mopping and vacuuming. It is a two-in-one smart cleaning gadget by Samsung that comes with mopping and vacuuming functions. The product is already launched in Australiaand users can buy it now.  

The gadget is backed by a long-lasting, powerful battery that maintains the gadget’s suction and cleaning functions for up to 150 minutes. The slim-line design of the gadget allows it to capture dust and dirt from hard-to-reach areas. 

The dedicated Smartphone app and integrated Wi-Fi control allow the users to control the functions remotely, even when out of the home. Users can stop or start the gadget with a few touches, adjust suction power, schedule the cleaning times, control water flow and mopping speed remotely. Read the Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum Reviews for more details.   


  • Dustbin Capacity – 0.25L
  • Water Tank – 0.3L
  • Suction Power – 5Watt
  • Cleaning Speed – 0.32m/sec
  • Cleaning Width – 160mm
  • Technology – Gyro Navigation Mapping System
  • Running Time – 60/80/150 minutes
  • Sensor – IR Optical 
  • Primary Brush – 4EA Combination Brush
  • Battery Capacity – 150 Minutes
  • Charging Time – 240 minutes
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi Control
  • Product Dimension – 340×85×340mm
  • Weight – 3kg

Pros of Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum

  • Effective mopping and vacuuming 2-in-1 model
  • Wi-Fi enabled to control from anywhere 
  • Long-lasting battery for 150 minutes of operations 
  • Slim and sleek design that reaches hard-to-access areas
  • EZ empty dustbin easy to empty without spilling 
  • Gyro Sensor for controlling movements
  • The anti-drop sensor stops it from dropping off the stairs 
  • Four styles of cleaning modes 

Cons of Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum

  • Not a suitable choice for darkroom cleaning
  • Mixed types of Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum Reviews available
  • Unable to detect the charging dock for charging the device
  • Gyro Sensor is old-fashioned  

Is Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum Legit or Scam?

A product’s legitimacy is based on multiple aspects, including customer reviews, product quality, performance, and the brand that backs it. Since a reputed brand like Samsung backs the product and many appreciated its performance and quality, Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum seems legit and not a scam.

Many verified customers have praised the product, and the majority of people have shared positive responses. But the product has received a few negative responses from customers. Therefore, we urge our readers to do their research before buying and check online for more Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum Reviews to make the right decision and know its legitimacy.    

Customer’s Reviews

As mentioned, we have discovered mixed reviews on Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum when analyzed online. We have noticed that most verified customers have shared positive responses about the smart cleaning gadget’s performance, quality, and cleaning efficiency. 

However, some unsatisfied customers are not happy with a few aspects of the product, including its darkroom cleaning efficiency, finding the charging dock without manual intervention, and more. So, they have shared negative reviews about the product. Since the product has received mixed Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum Reviews, our readers must do deep research on it before investing their money.  

Final Verdict

Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum is the powerful 2-in-1 smart floor cleaner featuring mopping and vacuuming functions. It has many great functions and powerful clean styles to make your daily mopping and cleaning effective and easier. 

However, the product has mixed reviews online, and after evaluating, we have noticed both positive and negative responses from verified customers. So, we urge our readers to do deep research about the product and decide based on their online research.  If there is something to mention about the product, please share it in the comment section below.

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