Roc Sup Reviews {August 2020} Is It Legit Or Scam Site?

Roc Sup Reviews {August 2020} Is It Legit Or Scam Site?

Roc Sup Reviews {August 2020} Is It Legit Or Scam Site? >> The article above is for a website named Roc sup that sells paddleboard & paddleboard.

Watersports is a hobby to some people, while it has become a passion for several others. While enjoying watersports, one has to ensure that he has the right equipment types and follows the correct techniques. Various websites in the United States sell watersports types of equipment online. 

The issue lies in choosing the best. Roc Sup has gained a lot of reputation online. For Roc Sup Reviewread this article and unravel various aspects of the website.

What is Roc Sup? 

Roc Sup is one of the trusted brands in the world of paddleboards in the United States. This brand has gained recognition for its inflatable and the lightest boards in the country. It has a round nose that helps it become one of the fastest models to paddle. The users can have a lot of fun while splashing and surfing around.

There are various colors available on the website, such as Pink, black, green, aqua, charcoal, etc. So, there is something for everyone to open on the site. However, we found that the website doesn’t have an ‘about us’ section. Also, there is not much of a user’s information that one can find on the website.

Though, there are various sections designated to the user manual, reviews, privacy policy, warranty registration, etc. The product comes with a stability that makes it easy for the beginners and well as the veterans. This paddleboard provides the user with the ease of performing water sports.

Though, recently through social media, many websites claim to be the original brand and try to sell their paddleboards. Let’s find out in Roc Sup Review if it is authentic or an imposter.


  • Website’s URL:
  • Days of availability of customer support: Monday to Friday.
  • Time of Customer’s service availability: 9 am to 5 pm 
  • Phone number of customer service availability: 509-593-8377


  • The products are affordable.
  • There is a great variety available on the website.


  • Some users claim that it is not sturdy in rough waters.
  • There is no ‘about us’ section on the website.

Is Roc Sup Legit?

For Roc Sup Review, we would like to state that the site has high trust score. There is a great fan base of the website. The users recommend its products. Though, there have been a few frauds done via social media using the name of this site. 

Though, the website was quick to issue a disclaimer stating that is their only authentic site. Any other such site is not accurate, and thus, any purchase made from such a place can result in the user receiving counterfeit products or nothing at all.

Customer Reviews:

Most of the customers are satisfied with their purchase from Roc Sup. For Roc Sup Reviewone has to take note of the fact that the site is here for a long time now and has already created a base of loyal customers.  Also, the fact that Roc sup’s pieces of equipment are lightweight makes it easier for the user to transport the pieces of equipment easily. An additional dry bag comes with Roc sup that makes it easy for transportation to happen.

Some people claim that there ROC board is sturdy enough to hold their babies on the board apart from one of the parents. The floatable foam inside makes it easy for the user to prevent sinking. Some users claim that they had filled the air inside the board, and it took them days for the air to be lost from the board.  

Also, there are some great user Roc Sup Review on the affordability of the boards. However, some users claim that it is not the best product for rough waters.

Final Verdict: 

Thus, we would recommend this site to the users as this is a site that is more than two years old. It scores high on the trust index. Though, there have been a few frauds made with the use of this brand’s name. However, the company issued a disclaimer that users can make a purchase only from the original site. For Roc Sup Review, we would say that the users can go ahead and make a purchase from this website.

If you have experience with a purchase from this website, we would like to know. Feel free to use the comments section below.

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