Revolver News Site (Oct 2020) Scroll Down for Reviews.

Revolver News Site (Oct 2020) Scroll Down for Reviews.

Revolver News Site (Oct 2020) Scroll Down for Reviews. >> This article talks about a website is utterly biased and also questionable on its sourcing techniques and lack of transparency.

Revolver News Site is a United States-based news website which seems to work with Donald Trump. It is a concentrated assemblage website that declares itself to be the new Drudge Report. It is said that the website claims to be dedicated to providing the Americans with all the background and political inducements timely with accurate, common sense and compelling information and data. 

The website lacks transparency as it does not provide its readers with an about page and the name of its authors nor editors

We bring to you here, a full in-depth analysis of the website from its history to its connection with President Donald Trump, by gathering information from various sources. Let us begin.

What is Revolver news site? 

Revolver News Site is an anonymously owned, right-learning website that claims itself as the new Drudge Report and has published deceiving theories and forged information related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This website was registered on 26 May 2020, and one of its oldest post’s dates back to 20 June 2020. 

Trump mentioning revolver:

Back in September 2020, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to willingly endorse for Revolver News Site. In his tweet, the President stated that his people have left the Drudge and that now his people like Revolver and others more. He also called Drudge a confusing mess and a clueless person in his tweet. 

Ownership and financing:

Revolver News Site has till date not disclosed its ownership and none could determine whether who owns or maintains it. The website does not even operate its social media accounts, but yet it is seen that its content is being consistently promoted by various conservative Twitter accounts, which have huge followings. 

These accounts heavily promote articles from the website, calling it revolutionary. The website runs advertising and derives its revenue from the same.


The main problem of the website is in its lack of transparency. The site does not disclose its editors or its content creators. The content page has a general email address with no phone number, and the address reads Washington DC, United States

Final verdict:

Revolver News Site mixes many republished tweets and various articles from different conservative news websites with its very own political news articles. Its articles are firmly in favour of Trump and criticise liberal politicians and Democrats in general. The website has a robust right-leaning outlook and lacks credibility due to the absence of transparency. 

We strictly value as to what our readers think. So why don’t you also let us know about your opinion towards this conservative website? Do you also think that the website is indeed responsible and questionable at the same time for lack of transparency in an open society today?

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