News Legit (Sep 2020) Reviews for Better Clarity. Legit (Sep 2020) Reviews for Better Clarity. >> In the above article, you read about a website trying to make money from artists such as rappers.

It has been seen that many fraud services often come and go from the market that claims to bring the unnoticed talent of people out in the market, and help them take a step forward in their career.

One such website trending currently in the United States is This website claims to help the budding rappers under the impression that it is associated with Pierre P Thomas’ Quality Control Music Company.

However, Pierre Thomas has come forward and clarified this website and his association with it on his Instagram account. This article talks about it and is legit.

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What is is a website that is made to help artists who are not signed yet. This website asks the artists to upload their details and music to the website. They are also required to pay a fee of approximately $ 40.

Who is Pierre P Thomas?

Pierre P Thomas is well-known for his music productions. He started a music company in the name of “Quality Control Music,” and he is currently serving as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

This company has signed contracts with various artists such as City Girls, Lil Baby, Trippie Road, etc.

What is the news?

Pierre P Thomas has recently posted on his Instagram account that this website is not under his company and his not related to him. He clarified that this website is trying to fool some artists by asking them to register on this website and pay a one-time fee of approximately $40.

He said that this website is fraudulent, and artists should not consider it a part of Quality Control Music. They should not share their details with this website and pay the registration fees they are asking.

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Is legit?

Young artists were always questioning the authenticity of this website. However, after Pierre P Thomas brought attention to this website on his Instagram account, it became evident that the answer to is legit is a big no.

This website has been illegally trying to associate itself with the Quality Control Music and fooling the artists by asking them for their music and registration fees.

EndNote attracts many artists by portraying its services involving increasing the reach of the unsigned rappers’ music. However, it is now verified that the website is not legit. It is merely fooling the young artists, making every possible attempt to establish themselves in the music industry, and make their way to well-renowned companies such as Quality Control Music.

Thus, all the artists are advised to stay away from and not get fooled by the brand name, its services, or the low fees they are asking for.

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