Pursh Shoes Reviews (Jan 2021) Is It A Legit Business?

Pursh Shoes Reviews (Jan 2021) Is It A Legit Business?

Pursh Shoes Reviews (Jan 2021) Is It A Legit Business? >>  Are you high on style? Read this article that gives you comprehensive information about an eShop that sells affordable shoes and purses for every outfit.

No one would dare to disagree that women and fashion go hand-in-hand! If your outfit helps shape your personality, it is the accessories that complement your look further.

Therefore, many online stores exclusively deal with women’s accessories that enhance a woman’s charm and style.

In this article, we will talk about an eStore,” Pursh” that owes its inception to a German and American duo in the United States.

The concept sounds pretty impressive, isn’t it?

One may wonder, Is Pursh Shoes Legit or another scam of the online domain?

We recommend reading the following Pursh Shoes Reviews first if you are already thinking of making a purchase, 

What are Pursh Shoes?

Pursh Shoes is an online store with a stunning collection of ladies’ purses, shoes, scarves, and wallets. 

Whether shoulder-bags, handbags, or Totes, the store has a vast collection of bags.

The store claims to be having its biggest sale ever of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

It is offering up to a 30% discount on merchandise.

No wonder, you may rush to this website to order with them. But, is the website trustworthy?

Let’s explore together.

Seek an answer to Is Pursh Shoes Legit or not by reading our Pursh Shoes Reviews till the final verdict.

Specifications of Pursh Shoes:

  • Product- Voguish shoes, purses, scarves, and wallets
  • Website- https://www.purshcollection.com/
  • Email- hello@purshcollection.com
  • Contact number- not given 
  • Shipping fee- Free worldwide
  • Shipping time- 10-25 days
  • Exchanges- Applicable only in case of defective or damaged goods
  • Returns- Applicable within 45 days in original condition. But in case of damage or error in products only ten days within getting your delivery.
  • Refunds- Within ten business days
  • Mode of payment- Online through significant credit cards, debit cards, or PayPal

Continue reading till the final verdict of Pursh Shoes Reviews to discover the authenticity of this store.

What are the pros of Pursh Shoes:

  • A beautiful website with comprehensive information
  • It offers free shipping worldwide.
  • The products on display are high on fashion, quality, and complement your personality to the best.
  • The store has a strong social media presence.

What are the cons of Pursh Shoes:

  • Customer pays for return shipping unless one receives damaged or erroneous goods.
  • The website link hardly shows any shoe collection.
  • The website has a low trust score
  • The store ships to only 11 countries across the world
  •     Pursh Shoes Reviewsby customers are not appealing.

Is Pursh Shoes Legit?

The website has a beautiful design and a friendly user interface. 

Every picture, every detail, and every single word on their website makes you want to buy the products.

It showcases itself very well on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The only loophole that one can find on their website is that they have no product under wallets.

Rest everything is impeccable.

All this plush information may push one into a shopping spree at their website.

Stay put! Please go through the customer reviews to know how the brand fares with them.

Pursh Shoes Reviews by customers:

Their website brims with shining reviews from their customers. But, can one trust these reviews? Many fraudulent brands manipulate customer reviews in their favour.

Therefore, it is best to find authentic reviews online.

One-click on the Internet and you discover that the website has a lousy trust score of 98%

All customers are unhappy with the low quality of the shoes and about the long shipment time.

Sadly, they have given it a one-star rating.

Customers even claim that the site has a significant page on the risk of counterfeits. This is what the site is selling.

Final verdict:

In the wake of such negative customer remarks, it is obvious to conclude Pursh Shoes Reviews on a critical note.

And in our answer to, Is Pursh Shoes Legitwe say yes, the website is a scam.

We strongly advise you not to venture on this deceptive website. You may be attracted to their impressive display of products. If you order with them, do it at your own risk. There is every possible likelihood of you losing your money.

In case you have to say something about this article, please feel free to share your opinion. It will help all of us know this website better.

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