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Puretalk Reviews 2020

Puretalk Reviews (Sep 2020) Scroll Down for the Info. >> In this article, you read about a mobile network operator providing prepaid services.

Mobile phones and good connectivity are a necessity in today’s world. Call drops and sudden connectivity outages are among the most problematic issues that the customers face nowadays, despite paying huge money as phone bills.

Thus, Puretalk Reviews presents Puretalk USA, a mobile network operator in the United States, and the answer to all your connectivity woes.

What is Puretalk?

PureTalk USA is a virtual mobile network operator based out of Covington, Georgia, in the United States. They offer unlimited talk tame with data package provides and is a prepaid offer. You pay before for the plan of your choice and then get the plan of your choice.

Puretalk Reviews also found that they have multiple options whereby you can choose only their SIM and port your phone or order a phone and SIM. Also, the pricing is pretty cheap, and speeds are incredible, plus you keep getting more discounts on your bill the more connections you add on to a plan.

Read on to see how Puretalk works.

How does Puretalk work?

Puretalk Reviews found two ways in which you can use Puretalk. First, switch your phone to Puretalk via their “ Bring your Phone” or buy both their phone and SIM. There are many phones you can buy from Puretalk, and their SIM starter pack starts from as low as $3.

PureTalk uses FEDX 2-day free shipping service; thus, all orders are delivered for free and within two days. Once you have your products, you have to activate the SIM online by entering your SIM number and other details.

For any issue, Customer support is available at (877) 820-7873 or dial 611 from your Pure Talk phone.

What are the Plans?

PureTalk plans start from $20 to $55 a month. You can choose your plan based on your requirements. However, the best thing on offer is the Family Plan, where you can add on more numbers into your network.

Puretalk Reviews explored the family plans and saw you get a $3 benefit on the bills of every new number added to your plan. If you select the $25 Starter Plan, you will get a net $36 savings for a year.

Customer Speaks

Customers who have used Puretalk so far are more than delighted. They found Puretalk easy on the pocket and superb when it comes to connectivity. Call drops have reduced, and most feel it’s like an AT&T connection but at a fraction of the price.

Puretalk Reviews also found the issue of deprioritization plaguing the customers. As PureTalk uses the AT&T network, in crowded places, it loses connectivity while AT&T users continue to have connectivity.


Puretalk Reviews feels Puretalk offers an excellent opportunity for the people of the United States to explore. The connectivity is perfect and is it is a prepaid connection, and you can control the bill.

Also, with the variety of plans, you are definite to find what you need.

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