Prototype Crescent Ganyu {Jan} What Are Her Weapons!

Prototype Crescent Ganyu 2021 Mece

Prototype Crescent Ganyu {Jan} What Are Her Weapons! -> Want to know which weapon to use after unlocking? Read the article below.

The world of gaming has wholly changed; there was a time when the video game was popular among teens in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and the United States. But with the advent of mobile, this industry has changed swiftly; mobile app games like Fortinet mobile, Pokémon Go, and PUBG mobile became the craze among teens.

All the above game games were from the west, and there was no one in the market to give competition to these games until MI Hoyo decided to make Genshin Impact. Prototype Crescent Ganyu, the new character of Genshin Impact, which most of the players around the world want to unlock.

What is Ganyu in Genshin Impact?

Ganyu is a part of the new banner for the Genshin Impact 1.2 update called adrift in the harbor. This banner will run from January 12 to February 2. She is a cryo archer and an emissary for the liyue qixing. When Genshin Impact was first released in September 2020, its 1.1 version it made a great success.

And with the release of its latest version, everybody wants to unlock Ganyu, which needs a lot of grinding and hard work as sometimes the hard-earned gaming currency is not enough to get the character unlocked.

If you are lucky enough and get her, you need to know how to play with her and which weapon to choose to kill enemies; maybe Prototype Crescent Ganyu will be best for the fight.

How to play with Ganyu?

If they find luck on their side, most of the game players will get this weapon if they search for her, without any constellation point. As far as these heros are concerned, they are having th special element skills known as DPS.

If you use her just as a initial Leven then you have to take some special effects to build tge required bow.. She can hit opposition with an AOE powers with her double charge, which can hit the group repeatedly, without you being accurate.

Selecting her weapons from various options available is a bit tricky, is Prototype Crescent Ganyuis best for her.

What are Ganyu weapons?

Since she is a 5-star character, it will take a lot of luck for people in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and United Statesto get her. But we have a plan for how to use her weapons.

  • Amos bow: It is used for the optimal choice to boost the powers.
  • Stringless: This is much easier to get as compared to other weapons, but it is for those who want to use some elements bursts and skills.
  • Blackcliffwarbow: You can easily take this power if you have complete 24 masterless starglitter
  • Viridescent hunt: It is a 4-star weapon that can be used in relation to this skilled element.
  • Prototype Crescent Ganyu: It is also a weapon from a blacksmith and is easy to take compared to other weapons.


With the advent of Genshin Impact in September 2020 and its second version on January 12, it has made a place for itself in the gaming industry. West should be ready for more world-class gaming app from Asia in general and China in particular.

Its first version has made around $250 million, and the character of Ganyu has taken west by storm with every gossip on social media platform about which weapon she should use to kill its enemies.

Of all its weapons readily available, Prototype Crescent Ganyuis best, according to us. If you have any other choice, do write in the comment section below.

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