Ppyfood com Reviews {June} Read it Before You Buy!

Ppyfood com Reviews {June} Read it Before You Buy!

Ppyfood com Reviews {June} Read it Before You Buy! >> In this article, you get to know about an online store selling custom made products.

Are you always on a lookout for products that cater to your different interests? Check out Ppyfood.

Since it is a very new site, so we could not find Ppyfood com Reviews anywhere on the net. Thus, we chose to find out more about it to give our readers a better idea of the site.

Online shopping for customized and affordable products that match our various needs have become hugely popular these days. The personalized touch of these products enhances their uniqueness. So people prefer them over other standardized items.

More and more websites are coming up with such a diverse range of products these days. The products are made by professionals who specialize in creating such innovative and customizable goods for their clients. 

One such site, Ppyfood, has just been started in the United State

Do you crave products that express your personality like no other? If so, then you should read this review until the end.

What is Ppyfood?

Ppyfood is an online platform selling stylish and modern products that are aimed to fulfill your various needs and interests. Their collection includes high tech indoor tools from automatic cleaning robots, foldable suitcase drones, and multifunctional cleaning sponges to comfortable stress and pain relievers, like yoga and neck hammocks.

The products are made of quality weather-resistant material and are travel friendly. But before deciding to make your first purchase, read thoroughly to know if Ppyfood is legit or just another scam.


  • Website type: Custom products and items.
  • Email: cjian950@gmail.com / sales@ppyfood.com
  • Shipping time: 1-2 working days
  • Delivery time: 3-15 days
  • Exchange: Within 15 days from the delivered date.
  • Return: Applicable within 14 days of the receipt date.
  • Shipping charge: Free shipping on orders over $40.
  • Refund: Applicable after the returned item has been approved.
  • Cancellation of order: Applicable before the product is shipped.
  • Contact number: Not mentioned.
  • Address: Not mentioned.
  • Mode of payment: Paypal, Visa Card, Master Card, Maestro

Is ppyfood authentic or not

As this site is very new, we could not find much information about it. Therefore, we recommend you to be careful in your transactions while using this site. Their contact number and address is also not mentioned anywhere.

This makes it difficult for those who want to settle any queries about their product. However, they do have a provision to contact their Privacy Compliance Officer at sales@ppyfood.com for such cases.

While this may be true, the site does have a comprehensive privacy policy guidelines that can be read in their Privacy policy page. They have also compiled a list of frequently asked questions in which doubts regarding shipping, returns, mode of payment, etc. are taken care of. Also, certain select products come with a guaranteed safe check-out and a 24-hour customer service.

They also have a newsletter subscription to inform you about their current and new products.

Pros of buying from ppyfood

  • A wide range of professional, high-tech daily use products offered.
  • Attractive discounts on all products.
  • Many products come with a guaranteed safe check-out, free return, and 24-hour customer service.
  • Tracking on all the products is available.
  • Free global shipping on orders above $ 40.
  • A variety of payment options are available.
  • Products are shown with a detailed description of their use.

Cons of buying from ppyfood

  • COD not available.
  • No clear categorization of products.
  • Address and contact number not mentioned.
  • Orders once shipped cannot be canceled.

What people are saying about ppyfood

Ppyfood is new in the online market. The lack of customer reviews on their products can make you skeptical about their product quality. However, this should not make you hesitant in trying out any of their products. You may even end up liking the product offered.

But one should not totally depend on the customer reviews only as they differ from person to person. 

Final verdict

To conclude, we can say that there is a need to remain careful while purchasing any item from this website. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, it is recent. Secondly, there are no customer reviews of their products available anywhere.

The site has SSL protection hence, your data is secured. You can get all the information about the variety, size, color, discount, use, etc. under the product itself. The site has provided a separate e-mail to settle concerns and complaints about the product. Do comment here if you buy from Ppyfood.com.

0 thoughts on “Ppyfood com Reviews {June} Read it Before You Buy!


    1. Placed a order in May still haven’t received it. Contacted by email provided and they haven’t returned my messages. 20$ scam.

      1. The contact email on the website is no longer active. The phone number listed is also not active so there is no way to contact this company. My order is not going to come! I’m thankful it was just $19.99!

  1. placed an order a month ago during this quarantine for my grandchildren.
    if this is a SCAM, this is a terrible thing to do……
    saddened grandmother.

  2. Commande passée le 1er mai et pas de nouvelles depuis. Je leur envoyé un courriel aujourd’hui pour avoir un ETA.

    1. Ordered a kitchen rack and waited for 2.5 months for it to be delievered but when it arrived the shipment only contained a .50cent basket. Nothing else.

  3. Email questions about undelivered orders goes to a private individuals email address that no responses come out of. Do not buy from these people. Well actually you can’t buy from them: you can send them money, but they don’t send the products so that’s it.

  4. I paid $28 for a gold game for the garden for my dad and received a golf ball!!! And then they said it’s not there problem! I have disputed this with pay pal. My aunty also ordered one a few days after and she also got a golf ball!! This site is fraudulent!!!

  5. Me too. Expected a nice gift for a birthday, but wasted time and money waiting for the item. Even if I get a refund, it was a shame that I had nothing else prepared for the birthday. Very embarassing.

  6. Been three months did not receive
    The add was on facebook, I figured it would be ok since Facebook had it posted… yeah I got ripped off

  7. Same for me. Ordered may 2 thru Facebook add and was $28.97 and have not received my product yet. Tried to email. Came back that the email couldn’t be delivered. Disheartening.

  8. this is a total scam! after I placed my order on 5/8 , I never received a receipt or confirm email. On 5/13, I asked to cancel my order and they informed me it was too late, that the product is “very rare” and they have updated and shipped my order on 5/26! on June 11th I received a golf BALL in the mail…100% not what I ordered! So sad that someone would take advantage of families looking for new ways to spend our time sitting at home during this pandemic. Sickening!

  9. Same. Trying to track it supposedly moved in china then that disappeared. Then days later moved again then moved to cali then disappeared. Then thru customs then disappeared…see theme? PayPal had to be pressed to refund but says t will this week. Someone finally reached out once paypal got involved. Ordered may 3. Site changed. Email incorrect…. no phone… said ‘please be patient’ in email. Um…6 weeks without word- think I have.


  11. I ordered on April 30th and have not received anything! I have emailed but it was returned as undeliverable. I have called the number on the website and it is not working. I am so disappointed because I really wanted the product! This is ridiculous!

  12. I have ordered a Stainless steel paint dish rack last month of June 2020 and until now has not received any words and the products from them. This is a SCAM site. should be shoot dead the owner.

  13. BIG SCAM! I ordered the golf cornhole thing. Today I received 2 golf balls in the mail. At least it was only $49 and 3 months.

  14. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!! Total scam placed an order on April 28 and still have not received product!! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM!

  15. I ordered the golf game April 24, 2020 and yesterday July 16, 2020 received a golf ball, Don’t buy from this place it’s a SCAM.

  16. Do not order from this site its a scam ordered in March 2020 still no product states shipped with no tracking. Out $48.00

    Consider this:

    1. No, shipping is not free all over the world when you buy more than $40.
    2. I didn’t get the most (the more important part) of my stuff.
    3. My subsequent emails could not be delivered.
    4. Once everything was paid, there was no more way to log in.

  18. I placed an order in April for a kitchen sink rack but had not been received by July. Had a message stating it had been shipped but the tracking number did not work. I notified my bank and after several weeks, the bank notified me they never responded.

  19. This company is not a legit company. Ordered over the sink dish drain. Received only a small wire basket after 3 months of waiting for it to arrive. Tried to contact at email and it is rejected. There is no way to legitamately reach this company. PLEASE do not send them any money. This is someone overseas and they are using their site advertised on FACEBOOK advertisements to rip people off!!

  20. DON’T. It is a scam. I bought, they charged me for a product and then sent (very late) a completelly different thing. It was almost impossible to contact them, and then they refused to reinburse me no more than 30%. Went to controversy on PayPal and they will reinburse only if I return the item to China, which would cost more than the article itself. This, despite the article was sent from an address in my *own* country, not in China.
    DON’T DO IT and also think very carefully if you need to use PayPal.

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