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Plouting com Scam [Sep] Another Scam Site or Legit One!

Plouting com Scam.

Plouting com Scam [Sep] Another Scam Site or Legit One! >> An e-commerce store of vast collections of various categories of product, read reviews here.

In today’s digitalized world, choosing a genuine web-store has become the most difficult for us. Many scammers, hackers are seeking people to make them fool by their trap.

Today we will know;isPlouting com Scam or not and helping our reader judge this site wisely. It is based in the United States, brings a various collection of products among the people.

To know about the website, read the below-written article.

Whatis Plouting com?

Web-store claims to offer various products from multiple categories among the people. On this website, visitors will choose their product from the main three categories, i.e., Household products, Electronic products, Outdoor products. Viewers will get an idea about their products as several pictures and videos are available.

Products are well specified, and their features are well prompted. Multiple color options are available for the buyers. They come up with a deal where buyers will get an extensive discount on every product.We will detail more here aboutPlouting com Scam.


  • Website type: A web-store offers various products like household products, electronic products, and outdoor products.
  • Website Link:
  • Company Address: Not mentioned
  • Company Email Id:
  • Company Contact number: Not specified.
  • Delivery Time: It takes5-12 business days depends on the mode of delivery.
  • Delivery Charges: Free shipping on purchases above $60
  • Return: Yes
  • Exchange: Yes.
  • Refund: Yes
  • Cancellation of Order: Not mentioned.
  • Mode of payment: Visa, Master Card, PayPal.

Pros of Plouting com:

  • An e-commerce shopping store has brought up various ranges of products.
  • Product has been thoroughly described, and the complete specification is provided.
  • There are numerous photo of the product is given.
  • They have provided video to explain how the product does work.
  • Different color option is available.

Cons of Plouting com:

  • Company’s owner detail is not provided.
  • Cancellation policy is not available.
  • Contact number is not given.

Is Plouting com legit or not?

We searched to found the website’s owner details, but they didn’t mention it on their webpage. There is no company’s official address available. We noticed the content that is provided by them is inferior and does not seem professional.

We have gone further to check whether Plouting com Scam and its social media connection; we found few logos on its web page; however, it does not take us to its website, which is a significant point to notice. No customer care number is available. We missed customer’s reviews on the site as well as on different search engines. Therefore, this site seems a bit suspicious and less trustable.

What are the customer’s reviews about Plouting com?

In this section, we will know about the customer’s view onPlouting com Scam, as it claims to offer complete collections of various categories products among the United States people.

We research deeply to provide truthful information; nevertheless, we could not see any reviews on its web page. We searched various platforms could not find a single review regarding its products. We took one step forward and searched customer’s remarks on their social media page but failed to find any buyer’s review and ratings.

Final verdict:

The company’s official address and owner’s information is lacking on its web page. They claim to provide a wide range of products towards the customers; however, we found a few products are available on their site that is not good at all.

We have searched for Plouting com Scam more and found free shipping is provided only on purchases above $60; otherwise, they ask for charges. The details of the shipping method are quite messy and unclear. Return and exchange can be done, but it has some terms & conditions. All delivery and shipment fees of the returnable item are non-refundable. There are no details regarding the cancellation procedure.

We did not notice a contactable number on its webpage. We found several logos of different social media platforms, but it does not open the website page. Therefore, we can state that it has no valid connection with any media platform.

We noticed a massive discount of up to 50% is offered on every product, which is a bit noticeable. We failed to find single ratings and remarks on Plouting com Scam on behalf of the buyers. We don’t recommend our readers to buy any product from this site as it has less trustworthiness and considers as suspicious.

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  1. Total scam. ordered a large wood burner, $57 dollars, received a tiny 6inch cheap $10 tin from China. Cant get in touch with anyone, website purports to be USA, operated or owned with warehouses in USA and Canada.

  2. its a scam. just like the comment above I bought a product and received something much cheaper, not even resembled what I had bought.
    I contacted them and they responded politely but of course they are not taking responsibility for their scam.

  3. Same as the two above, complaints just get a polite response how you have read the description wrong, complete scam and of course under £100 so unable to claim it back under section 75 on your credit card. Hope they choke on their bat soup.

  4. They are definitely a scam. I unfortunately ordered a keyboard from them in the style of an old fashioned typewriter.
    It was quite expensive, but paid through PayPal.
    What turned up was a $5 tiny keyboard. When i complained they said i had to send it back before they could refund it but at my own expense and it had to be a signed for delivery. They didnt apologise for sending the wrong item, so they send out rubbish knowing most people wont bother returning the item as the postage is expensive and I doubt they ever accept the items back so no refund.
    A complete SCAM…

  5. Yes exactly the same as above ordered X2 fire pits and got sent X2 tiny stoves. Asked for refund and to return product and they respond with offers of a discount on the received product. Total scam.
    This was via Instagram

  6. Complete scam! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY! I had the same experience as Martha (above) . Customer service responds with a copy and paste response expressing regret that you aren’t happy with the item, but won’t do anything to remedy the situation.

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