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Parler Reviews (Sep 2020) Scroll Down For Its Reviews.

Parler Reviews 2020
Parler Reviews (Sep 2020) Scroll Down For Its Reviews. >> This article speaks about a microblogging website and app promoting free uncensored speech.

Are you tired of the common social media giants like Facebook and Twitter policing your thoughts with their moral codes and conduct rules? Do you feel suffocated by the rules imposed by the current social media giants?

If your answer is yes, you are on par with several people from the United States who feel the same. 

Today Parler Reviews has brought news on the upcoming most-talked-about social media platform,

What is is a microblogging site that is available as a website and an app available at both Google and Apple Stores. Unlike the known social media giants, the site promotes free speech and has made public statements announcing they would allow posts that have been banned or flagged harmful or inciteful by other sites. has also cited its no-fact-checking policy and no censorship, which has made it pretty popular. However, disallows pornography, blackmail, terrorism, and anything that is against the law.

What is the aim behind

Parler Reviews discovered that policy states that it is here to promote the true spirit of the First Amendment of the United States constitution. Posts are limited to 1000 characters only, and like other sites, you have to create an account, log in, and then follow each other to view posts. 

But the difference between and others, as felt by Parler Reviews, is that here posts appear chronologically and not based on your following options.

Who are the Primary Users?

Owing to this uncensored promotion of free speech, has managed to garner a sizeable number of users in a short time. The supporters of Donald Trump, Bolsonaro, and other extremist leaders are present in large numbers on There is also a base of users from the United States who were banned from other social media.

Parler Reviews also found right-wing extremists, anti-semitic, anti-Muslim, anti-feminist, and even conspiracy theorists to make up the bulk on Recently, a considerable number of Saudi nationals joined

What are people saying?

The users of are happy to have a platform where they can express their views. The influx of the Saudi population did make the United States’ users nervous. However, as seen by Parler Reviews, there has been an increase in anti-Muslim parlays on the site, countered by several supporters. 

People and critics that this is short-lived popularity as is kind of like the dark web being used by a handful group pushed out of the mainstream. 

However, Parler Reviews found to have around 2.8 million users in June 2020.


Parler Reviews feels that though free speech is an integral part of our life and society, misuses it. The site has essentially turned into a den of extremists discussing topics that out in the open would disrupt peace in the United States and the world.

However, this can be set right if more and more mainstream people join

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