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Pantsart com Reviews [July] Is Online Shopping a Scam?

Pantsart com Reviews

Pantsart com Reviews [July] Is Online Shopping a Scam? -> In this article, you’ll get to know about an online store that sells a variety of high-quality, trendy, and fashionable clothes from independent designers.

Are you in a mood to buy fashionable and high-quality products from independent designers? If yes, let’s take a look at

Few female shopaholics have posted Pantsart com Reviews online on different portals. As is relatively new in the world of digital shopping, we thought of discussing its information with our valuable readers. is the United States e-shop that offers fresh, unique, trendy, and high-quality styles from independent fashion designers to its customers. It includes cargo pants, denim, leggings, tops, shorts & capris at affordable price.

What is is a women-centric e-commerce site providing high price discounts and sales occasionally like by three get 4th at 50% off to attract customers who are planning to buy products like cargo pants, denim, leggings, tops, shorts & capris from online stores.

Specifications of

  • Website type- It is an online fashion store with independent fashion designers.
  • Shipping time- processing time, usually between 1-2 days.
  • Shipping fee – free shipping over $79.99.
  • Exchange – available, if the product is defective or doesn’t work properly 
  • Delivery time- delivery usually takes approx two weeks.
  • Return- within 30 days of receiving of product.
  • Refund- 30 days no-hassle refund policy.
  • Cancellation of order- The customer can cancel the order before shipping or processing.
  • Company contact details-, contact number – not provided.
  • Company address – not specified on site.
  • E-mail address-
  • Mode of payment- PayPal, Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), Debit Card.

Pros of buying from

  • It offers a wide variety of fashionable designer clothes.
  • Payment is encrypted through the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).
  • It offers excellent quality at an affordable price.
  • 24*7 customer service.
  • It offers free standard delivery over $79.99.
  • It offers 30 days refund guarantee.
  • Cancellation is applicable on ordered items.

Cons of buying from

  • No company address and contact number
  • Some sections of the site not updated regularly.
  • Cash on delivery is not available.
  • There is inadequate data in about us & contact us section.
  • There is an absence of straightforwardness on the site.
  • The domain is new (less than six months)
  • Unreasonable discount offers and Issue of copyright.

Is legit or not?

In our endeavor to discover specific data about Pantsart com Reviews, we reach to the conclusion that isn’t a legit and reliable site. Because photos of the models used are replicated or cut as appearances of the model used in those photos are left well enough alone to escape from the copyright issues. 

Likewise, has not determined its organization address and contact number anyplace on its website. It shows that is attempting to conceal its necessary or significant information, whereas the genuine organizations consistently notice its registered organization address and contact number on its site. 

So is not legit and ingenuine.

What are the customers saying about

As the site is decently new, we couldn’t find such a large number of feedbacks posted on different websites. Still, we continued with our search and concluded that customers who opted for this site to purchase trendy and fashionable styles are not in a mood to prefer it again in the future. 

As per Pantsart com Reviews, customers prefer to shop from renowned online shopping sites only to save them from scams. The unavailability of COD payment option has led to a lot of unhappy customers.  The lengthy-time interval is required in the reimbursement of payment. The shipping charges are deducted in case of return.

Based on the dissatisfaction, customers recommended their family and friends not to prefer this e-commerce site or atleast do a detailed search before buying from new websites.

Final Verdict

In our view, we found that the page of this e-shop has an SSL declaration guaranteeing the information security of the clients.

But, the domain of this online store is new, and there is a non-appearance of fitting reviews of the customer, and if accessible on different stages, they are, by and large, negative. In our survey, we found that this online webpage does not have all the reserve of being critical as it is new, and there are specific issues too. It infers that this e-store is not certifiable, genuine, and legit. 

Consequently, we would not recommend our users to slant toward this site while purchasing fashionable designer clothes.

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  1. This site looks EXACTLY like one that was closed 2 months ago called I did not research it and was swindled out of a pair of pants. I ordered and got a confirmation, then that was it. I could never get a hold of them as to where my jeans were. Then without warning the site was no longer there. Since I paid with PayPal I got them to investigate. Well just before it was time to expand the investigation I get a notice the package was on the way. Got it yesterday. I ordered XL and they look like they were made for a child AND there is nothing XL about them except the tag. Very cheaply made. I am glad I only ordered 1 pair instead of ordering 3, the get the 4th pair at 50% off. I lost money and hope you don’t! Check everything BEFORE you order anything from anywhere.

    1. Their no hassle refund policy is a joke! Spent $100 on something I can’t wear. They only offer $5 credit to my next order and I keep the crap.

  2. Thank you for posting this comment. I was considering buying a pair of pants, but was unsure. I will look somewhere else for pants.

  3. I placed an order on 6/30, recieved it yesterday. Completely messed up and not what I was expecting.

    “Stretchy Soft Eco-friendly Bamboo Yoga Pants – XL / Black × 1”
    ****They are made of 35% polyester and 65% cotton. 0% bamboo

    “70s Loose Soft Cotton Wide Leg Pocket Culottes – Black / XL × 1”
    ****They sent size 4XL and they are made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. 0% cotton

    I am going to contact them but don’t expect them to do anything. Oh well…

  4. They are not trustworthy and are a scam site. Do not buy from them. I am currently attempting to deal with them about clothing I bought. Terribly poor quality clothing. Poor communication from them in broken English.
    Do not buy from this company.

  5. I lost my money on this one. They are not made from any quality material. Made from literal standard fabric you buy at hobby lobby. It looks like a beginner sewer made these. I only received them after threatening them with fraud charges after a month passed with no order. Total SCAM.

  6. I ordered from pantsart. Regret. The pants came like 3 weeks later. Look nothing like the pictures. Sizing is way off, looks sloppy, not flattering, not form fitting, junky, and not well made. Wish I would have researched first.

  7. My experience with this company is disastrous. I order a pair of yoga pants which arrived really late after having been sent to an address which was not mine. Very poor quality. I order an extra small size and I got an extra large. I can not find an address to return the marchándise anywhere in their website. I have reported it to my credit card company. Do not trust this company. It is a fraud.

  8. I was also taken by this company. Try returning there poorly made leggings. Took 70.00 from me for junk….dont order this crap.

  9. Was stupid enough to buy a pair. The size
    was actually accurate (I’m 6′), but the cut and make were SO POOR! To say the pants are badly made is an insult to badly made clothes. I can not wear them in public. 🙁 i would have been better off sowing them myself.

  10. Pantsart is a scam! Do not buy from there. The product is not what the image shows and trying to get a refund on your return is impossible. It’s been a horrible experience.
    The fact that the package I ordered came with no receipt and the different names on the email, mailing package, and my credit card statement should have been red flags.
    The customer service is non-existent and the products are shambolic.

    I am just a little more angry than I am embarrassed for buying from such a place, which is saying a lot. I have taken all of my documents and submitted them to the state’s consumer protection office. I don’t know if they can get more of a response than I did but it is worth a shot.

  11. I bought yoga pants from them. It took over a month to receive them. They only cam to onees. Poorly made and no returna. Their customer support offered me $8.00 for a refund when I spent $106.00. The emails were in broken English. There site still says 24 hour delivery. Scam. Site! Don’t buy anything from them. They said give pants away or sell them. Lesson learned. They have also had other names but same models and same products!

  12. Total scam. I ordered pants. They sent something different after several weeks – not bamboo, not burgundy, huge, and ugly. Not been able to get a refund yet. They want me to pay $40 to send them back and say they will refund me for the product and the shipping. This would be $90 cost to them for a $50 item. Somehow, I don’t believe them. I would most definitely avoid this site.

  13. It’s a scam. I paid $56 for a pair of what was meant to be comfortable stretch art overalls……after waiting months a parcel arrived today. Very disappointed. I received a cheap, replica of product advertised. And they haven’t responded to my messages or emails.

  14. HORRIBLE!! Shipping took almost a month which only added to my extreme overall disappointment of this “company.” The pants I received look absolutely nothing like the pictures shown online. Two pair don’t even have a hem on the pant legs, and the pocket edging is unfinished as well! I might even be embarrassed to wear these around my house. Total waste of money!

  15. I’m in the same boat, I’ve been requesting their address for three months and all they are will to do is give me $5.00 refund on a purchase of $71.00, of merchandise that do not fit are look right on me. false advertisment, (clothes is not as pictured).

  16. Horrible…. pants are nothing like was described or shown, was sent wrong colors, spent $150 and theyre only offering $7 or me ship back to most likely China and pay the high shipping. Total fraud. I’m still battling them as we speak. Don’t Buy!!!!!

  17. I ordered two pairs of their yoga pants. There was a chart that gave a size to order based on your waist, hip, and inseam measurements. It stated that the yoga pants were made of a new, very high quality bamboo material along with spandex to allow for maximum stretch. They said delivery would be within a week, and “Because we are so confident you will be pleased with your purchase, you will have 30 days upon the date you receive it to return it, with no questions asked, and receive a prompt refund”. It was four weeks before they arrived. The material was of very low quality, extremely flimsy, and nearly transparent to the point where my underpants and my legs were clearly visible when I tried them on. They weren’t the least bit flexible, let alone stretchy. The fit was awful, much too tight through the waist and legs, too loose through the hips and rear, and much too short. I messaged the company and informed them I wanted to return the merchandise and receive a refund. They responded five days later, and informed me I had to take photographs of the merchandise and send them to them, and to specify why I was displeased with the items ordered. I wrote back immediately and told them I didn’t have a camera, and that they should know what I ordered anyway. I told them how horrible the fit was, that the quality was dreadful, and that I just wanted their address so I could send the pants back for a refund. Four days later I once again received a message from them informing me the pants I ordered were “In ASIAN sizes”, and I should have known before I ordered from them that they wouldn’t properly fit any “non-Asian woman” because we aren’t “shaped the same”. Then they asked if I had any friends I could give them to. At this point I was livid, and wrote back the only thing I wanted was their address to send the crap back and get my refund. Three days elapsed, then I received an email from them informing me that refunds were only available within thirty days after the parcel was dispatched from their warehouse, and since I didn’t receive the items until four weeks later, along with the fact that we spent over a week discussing the situation on-line, that the 30 days had expired and I was no longer eligible for a refund. I wrote back to them several times, informing them that they said I’d get a total refund if I responded within thirty days of delivery, etc. but I never heard from them again, nor could I even find them online anymore. Bottom line – their clothes are TOTAL CRAP, and they are a TOTAL FRAUD!!! Don’t even THINK of buying from them, or ANY of the other cheap online clothing stores. If you don’t recognise the name, or if you think the clothes are too good to be true for the price. it’s a scam!!! Please don’t be taken in by these low-life thieves!

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