Myuhcmedicare com Rewards {Oct 2020} – Earn Rewards!

Myuhcmedicare com Rewards {Oct 2020} – Earn Rewards!

Myuhcmedicare com Rewards {Oct 2020} – Earn Rewards! >> The write-up is for the members who want to earn rewards along with healthcare and wellness.

The myHealth myRewards program is for all citizens in the United States. It helps the citizens make the best health and wellness care and earn up to $300 as rewards in the program. The Myuhcmedicare com Rewards are paid to the enrolees via paycheck, and who enrolled for the 2020 reward program would receive their paycheck by 31st of December 2020.   

The P&G employees, domestic partners, and spouses who enrolled for the Active Health Plan would receive rewards up to $300 under the wellness participation reward program. 

The paycheck is offered to the enrolees based on the activity processed date. The activity processed date is the date when the reward program gets completed. Some of the activity processed dates may be prolonged for weeks, and it would be informed to the enrolees beforehand. 

Below you will come across the guidelines on how to view the progress and track the rewards earned online. 

What is Myuhcmedicare com Rewards? is the website that allows the members of the reward program to avail of reward’s advantages.  When we click on the website URL:, it got redirected to:

The health reward program is made available to all members of the United States. The myHealth myRewards program allows the members to avail health and wellness care and a reward of $300. 

The reward earned in the year can be availed in paycheck at the end of every year. The paycheck is offered to the members of the program according to the activity processed date. Members must keep checking and tracking the Myuhcmedicare com Rewards online.   

How to Check the Status of Rewards Online?

Members of the reward program can check and track the rewards online by following a few simple steps. 

  • Members are required to register with the website of the reward program
  • On the rally dashboard, members would see the overview of the reward program. The statistic bar would show the members how much rewards they earned in the year, if there are any activities to complete to earn the listed rewards, and see other details regarding the rewards.     
  • The statistic bar also shows how much rewards you have earned to date based on your completed activities. 

How to increase Rewards in the Program?

  • Get your biometrics screening to increase the rewards. You can register by logging into the, clicking on the biometric shot, choosing the easy option, and earning Myuhcmedicare com Rewards.
  • Complete the rally health survey to earn more rewards. It is an online survey that takes only 15 minutes to complete, and you also get some customized suggestions to eat better, move more, and feel great. 
  • Get an annual preventive physical test by a doctor. You may get your physical test done along with your spouses and increase your chance to qualify for $100 rewards for the annual physical test.     


The myHealth myRewards plan is best for people who want to earn rewards up to $300 along with health and wellness care. Anyone who wants to participate in this rewards program, kindly register today to start earning the Myuhcmedicare com Rewards.

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