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Mvastram com Reviews [Sep] Will It Legit For Shop?

Mvastram reviews

Mvastram com Reviews [Sep] Will It Legit For Shop? -> Take a look at this review to find out if the site selling women’s clothing items at discounted prices is legit or dubious.

Do you like buying fashionable products like lehenga and kurtas online? If that is the case, then let’s take a look at 

Many online shopping fans are curious about the site and wondering what type of Mvastram reviews people are posting online. Therefore, we decided to examine this site and share the details with our readers. 

Like in other countries, customers in India also prefer buying products online as it is more convenient and allows them to avail of exciting offers. Though there are many ecommerce stores offering fashionable clothing items for women, not all are reliable.

There are many suspicious sites that tempt buyers with money-saving offers and attractive catalogs. Hence, the need to be 100% certain of a site’s genuineness before indulging in online shopping from it. Continue reading as we try to find out more about the site. 

What is 

The online fashion store exclusively sells fashion clothing products for women. There are countless products listed under all the categories. From western wear to ethnic clothing items like lehengas, the site boasts a great collection. 

The site shares its shipping policy in which it mentions how long it takes to get the order delivered. The info about the company’s returns policy are also listed on the site. But is the site safe and secure for online shopping? Let’s dive deep and find out if the site is suspicious or legit. 

Specifications of Mvastram com:

  • Type of website – an online store selling apparels for women 
  • Return – if there is any problem with the product
  • Cancellation of order – send an email within 24 hours of placing the order 
  • Mode of payment – Visa, 2checkout, PayPal, Discover, American Express, MasterCard
  • Shipping time – 3 to 5 working days
  • Shipping fee – free shipping on orders worth Rs. 400 
  • Company address – not mentioned 
  • Company email id – 
  • Company phone number – not listed 

Advantages of shopping from Mvastram com:

  • The site boasts a huge collection of fashion products for women. 
  • The products are listed for discounted prices. 
  • The site offers fast delivery. 

Disadvantages of shopping from Mvastram com: 

  • The site is very new. 
  • The site lets customers return products only if it is damaged. 
  • The site does not share any contact number or physical address of the company. 
  • There is no proper Mvastram reviews available on the internet. 

Is Mvastram com legit or scam?

Before you place an order from the site, it is important to be certain of its trustworthiness. We take certain tried-and-tested steps to determine a site’s genuineness. We found that the site possesses an SSL certification. The products are all categorically arranged. The site lays out required info about its returns policy and shipping fee, etc. 

However, in our search, we came across a few problematic signs that make us doubt the site’s trustworthiness. We found that the domain of the site is 1 month and 25 days old. As far as its social media presence is concerned, we stumbled upon its Facebook page that appears to be inactive with 2 followers. 

There is no company-specific info mentioned on the site. The website does not share the company’s phone number or address. Also, the products listed on the site are available for prices that appear to be too good to be true. Furthermore, there are no proper Mvastram reviews posted on the internet. 

Based on the aforementioned points, we think that the site is suspicious and therefore, it is safe to refrain from shopping from it. 

What are people saying about Mvastram com? 

We scoured the website, but couldn’t find any buyer review. So, we checked on the internet to get an idea. During our search, we came across just one review. In this review, the customer shares that the site deducted the money but did not share any email notification of order confirmation. 

On social media portals, the site has not received any reliable review that would give us a clear understanding of its genuineness. 

Final Verdict 

The website possesses an SSL certification. It is a new site as the domain is just over a month old. The website does not list any company-specific info. We couldn’t many find Mvastram reviews online. 

The site does not have a proper presence on social media websites. All these points make us doubtful of the site’s trustworthiness. At this point, we think the site is not legit. 

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  1. The site does seem to be dubious. I had placed two separate orders on 24th September at mvastram. I got a text confirming my order and it was mentioned that it would be shipped with 5 business days. However, since then, I have not received any SMS from them. On contacting the customer care, I was told that one of my orders have been cancelled and SMS has been sent to my number to that effect.
    When I asked for refund for that order, I was told that I need to make a payment through my UPI id to another UPI id that would contain my personal detail followed by the extension @rbl. Funny thing is, that same id seemed to be registered to a person named Ananda Mondal. On asking that why the amount could not be directly returned to my account, the customer care executive told me that this was their “standard” procedure for making refund.
    He also told me that my other order has not been processed yet probably because I have not asked for refund on the previous order yet. (which, by the way, I would have never known had I not called them in the first place!)
    I know very little about cyber fraud but this surely smells like one!

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