(Nov 2020) Unlock The Among Us Lock Screen! (Nov 2020) Unlock The Among Us Lock Screen! (Nov 2020) Unlock The Among Us Lock Screen! >> This article will talk about how to unlock customized screens of a top-rated online game Among Us.

Do you like playing online games? With more and more people staying inside, games have become quite popular. If you have played Among Us, then please head to to know about an exciting new feature. If you haven’t, then kindly read on as we tell you all about the game. 

People in the United States seem to be really enjoying this game, as is evident in the high ratings. Let’s dive into the review so that you can decide if you want to try it out. Please stay connected to know more.

About the game Among Us and

The game Among Us has gained popularity in the United States. If you look at the rating online, you will get to know how famous the game is among gamers. Due to this, many features of the game keep getting introduced. 

The game can be played among 4 to 10 players. Some of the players will be crewmates and others, imposters. The game is set in a space ship. While the imposters try and sabotage the crewmate’s tasks, the crewmates have to complete the tasks and identify and ban the imposter. 

A recent feature wherein you can unlock some custom screens of the game is being searched online by people. If you want it, head to the website, which is also popularly being searched as

A few Lines about the recent feature

This feature of the game that has been doing the rounds on the Internet is customizable screens. The website to unlock those screens is 

The following steps need to be followed to get them:

  • Head to the website. On the first page, you have to fill in specific details. Enter the country name, the type of device you use, and then chose one of the three servers available. Server 1 is the best based on speed, and Server 3 is the slowest. 
  • Next, they verify that you are not a robot. For that, you have to take one of the 2 surveys. One of the surveys takes you to a lottery page, and in the other one, you have to play some games to be able to move on to the next step. 

Once you are done, you should be able to download the screens. As per our analysis, we could not find any reviews of this website, so our advice is to proceed with caution. 

Final Views

As we mentioned, people have been searching to get to the game’s custom screens. The actual website is

We have not been able to verify if users have managed to unlock the screens from this website. No reviews are present online, and no customers have anything to say about the website. 

Dear Readers, if you have anything to say about the game or this new feature or, please write to us in the comments section below. Your comments might help someone keep safe from a scam. 

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