Modern Indigo Reviews (Jan 2021) Is it Legit or Scam?

Modern Indigo Reviews (Jan 2021) Is it Legit or Scam?

Modern Indigo Reviews (Jan 2021) Is it Legit or Scam? >> Would you like to know about modern indigo’s website having different offers on gaming products and other products? Take some time to read this article.

Will people stop buying online, especially when online gives so many different options, especially at the time of requirements? Collections of things are available when it comes to online shopping, and there’s a bundle of products that people want to choose from them, and they want to buy the best of the items that too with a significant discount.

Modern Indigo Reviews will give a well-written description of a particular website from the United States that has collections of products. There are also different ideas for Christmas that it can provide to the customers. They may choose to buy any one of them.

We know all the products, and we will also know the specifications and the rates of discount and the most important thing about its legitimacy. So, let’s begin and see the website of modern indigo in detail.

What is Modern Indigo?

So many deals are available, mainly the holiday deals that this particular website of modern indigo provides. We will list all the modern indigo products, and those products include wooden selling hockey board game, monster hydraulic remote-control excavator.

Drawing board, different kinds of boarding games, 1000 professional RC drones, firewood splitting drill bit, spinning knitting machine are also available. Modern Indigo Reviews found that many other products are there in the collections, and those products are from the category of automotive and garage. 

Those products are also from the category of art and creativity and beauty and cosmetics. Many kinds of decorating and lighting products are available. Products in terms of home and gardens, pet accessories, kitchen and cooking, sports and outdoors, and education are also available. The customers can find different ranges of discounts on the website.

Specifications of Modern Indigo 

  • Website products: Automotive and the garage, art, creativity, beauty, cosmetics, holiday deals, etc., are available.
  • Email ID:
  • Contact number: 18449553010
  • Return policy: As it is very usual for most websites, this modern indigo website provides the window of 30 days. The customer can return any of the items if the item is damaged or for any other reason. 
  • Refund policy: modern indigo can refund the customers only within the 30 days window. There won’t be any refund on any item even if the customer tries to return the item.
  • Payment method: modern indigo allows for accepting different kinds of payments like PayPal, visa cards, debit cards, and credit cards.

Scroll down Modern Indigo Reviews to know more about this website.

Pros of Modern Indigo 

  • All the customers can find a wide range of collections on this particular website of modern indigo.
  • The modern indigo website claims to have reviews of customers, and all the thoughts that we can see have got five stars. 
  • Many modern indigo products have got a 50% discount, and some products have even more than 70% discount.

Cons of Modern Indigo 

  • The presence of the website of modern indigo on social media platforms is not there.
  • On a particular website on the Internet, it is a claim that this specific website of modern indigo is just new, and it is not older than the 4th of November 2020.
  • Many people on the Internet claimed that it has got fake reviews, and this website of modern indigo is not trustworthy for anyone.

Is Modern Indigo Legit?

The legitimacy of modern indigo is not apparent because it is a newly created website. Still, the information we got from some of the things from the Internet found that modern indigo has got copied images and some contents are also copied.

Modern Indigo Reviews can analyze that all copied images and descriptions of the products only lead us to say that modern indigo is nothing short of another scam that has cropped up very recently to trap innocent customers. 

Customers’ Reviews on Modern Indigo:

Modern Indigo Reviews found that customers on the Internet are missing. Still, there are reviews on modern indigo’s official website, claiming that all those products have already been on sale and have five ratings from the customers’ side.

But some people are reporting on the Internet that this website is a very newly created website, and this website of modern indigo is not worth visiting as things are copied from other websites.

Final Verdict

As it is the Internet age, many new websites are coming into the market, and they have been showcasing their products with different catching descriptions. We can know their legitimacy just by learning some of the information from the Internet. 

Identifying these kinds of newly created websites like modern indigo is not a very difficult task. Still, it becomes an effortless task if we get a little sense of any legit website. 

After all, Modern Indigo Reviews found this website of modern indigo is another scam to deceive the customers and loot their money. So, no one should give any importance to such a website like modern indigo.

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0 thoughts on “Modern Indigo Reviews (Jan 2021) Is it Legit or Scam?

  1. I can tell you that the Monster RC Hydraulic Remote COntroller listed on their website is a fake. They show videos indicating that it is large enough to actually dig with a little girl standing on the back of it but in the description it says 1:24 scale. If you look up other excavator toys with that same scale they average 12″x5″x6″ which is no where close to the size shown on the videos. Do you homework before ordering. If they will post fake videos for this I am sure they will for other items as well.

    1. I was expecting a bigger box like the ad shows two people scooting the walks in the house about a 3‘ x 2‘ x 1 18 inches high and opening up this gigantic excavator. When I received my order I received the dump truck which I did not order but I ordered the dozer and excavator in the front loader. I did not get the dozer instead they sent me a dump truck. All three packages were no bigger than a shoebox. They were all made out of plastic and there was no real hydraulics to any of it. How can you show one thing and send another, That is very just leading and when I tried to send them back they said my return did not qualify but did not explain. I spent over $200 on these items trusting them to be honest and they say education is expensive all the time.

      1. I wanted to buy a “monster truck” for my son for $ 99 (usual price around $ 200), I finally got a really cheap little car and I’m very disappointed with this and will have to buy one back for Christmas. As the shipping costs for the return to China are very high (minimum $ 50) I have waived the return and will be more careful when purchasing from an unknown site.

      2. I was unfortunate enough to order from Modern Indigo over a month before Christmas. The item arrived after Christmas and was nothing as advertised. The item shipped from the U.S. but when I inquired about a return I have to pay for shipping back to China. This business uses fake advertisements to sell their products and wants customers to pay shipping to return, which is as much as some of their products. Do not buy from them!

      3. I had the same issue but the one I received was 5 inches by 8 inches I have a Paypal resolution working on the issue. I hope people do not order from that website I wish I would have searched about it sooner. they come across as a US company and are very misleading and misrepresent their items. I feel the good reviews were fictitious and written by people who have not purchased from them.

    2. I just received the listed excavator for my grandson’s Christmas present . A total scam and also a piece of plastic junk. This was a huge misrepresentation. I am contacting the better business bureau tomorrow.

      1. Mike
        If you know a good lawyer, maybe a class action should be considered, also I wanted to buy a toy for my children, I felt cheated.
        ZK Dudzinski

    3. DO NOT BUY TOTAL SCAM!!! Oh yeah it is completely a scam. Do not buy anything from modern indigo. I did make the mistake of not doing my homework before hand and was scammed into ordering the monster excavator pile of plastic junk. The actual piece of junk is only about 4 inches long × 3 inches wide. I could easily crush it with my hand.

    4. Modern indigo is very misleading and lies about the products . I oder the excavator for my grandson he was so excited due to the fake videos shown. I figured if nothing else I could get my money back from PayPal. Fake advertising fake produces fake reviews = SCAM IN MY EYES.

    5. I was ripped off too! I spent over $200 for Christmas gifts that were supposed to be large sized Excavator, Monster Truck, 4K Drone and Magic Luminous Drawing board. Each item delivered is completely different and a fraction of the size shown that is advertised and shown many times on the website.

      What they delivered are the type of toys you can buy at the $ store. No response from support emails or returned phone calls. This place is a total scam outlet that will probably vanish once some legal action sticks.

  2. Apparently I have been scammed, I ordered the excavator for my son , I thought I did my homework right but once again I loose . I really don’t know if I can recover my money I just feel sick to my stomach about this.

  3. I purchased a Children’s Magic Luminous Drawing Board after seeing an ad on Pinterest. It took weeks to arrive, and when it did, it was too light and I knew it. I opened it and sure enough, It is a box with A PICTURE of what I purchased inside. Literally a box with two pieces of cardboard inside. The company informed me I would have to pay to return it to China to get a refund. A scam is an understatement. I wish there was an easier way to let people know how this company is taking advantage of people at the most vulnerable time in 100 years.

    1. To Dawn Cotton and others that have been scammed by this Co: I called a phone # that someone in “Reviews” posted and got further scammed to the tune of $540.00 plus the cost of $69.95 for the item. I thought I was pretty well versed in knowing about SCAMS. Not.
      I called them for a refund. Ha. Spent nearly 3hrs. total on Sat & Sun. Then proceeded to cancel my Debit card and called Western Union cause the scammers took money out of my checking acc. and used WU to send themselves $540.00.
      Guess what I would say to anyone looking for a refund is this…….chalk it up as a loss and thank God you did not call the “NICE” people.
      Now I have to explain this to my husband to whom I continually monitor and preach to about online SCAMS. URGHHH.

  4. They have a monster truck 2.0 and video is from losi Raminator sold by horizon hobby this is a gasoline powered over 1500 dollar truck .not what ordering .

  5. I purchased the Modern Sling Hockey Board off of an Ad on Pinterest. It came across as a “crafted” wooden game board. I was more than happy to support the product that I thought I was buying. I paid nearly $60 dollars and it is complete garbage. I wouldn’t have paid 1 dollar for it in a gift shop. I have been scammed. They responded with a very kind message to my return request, yet are asking me to ship it to China with tracking. That will cost me 35 dollars. The other option was to ship it to California where their warehouse will simply place it in the garbage and offer no return. My thinking…. where will they put it once in China—considering they don’t ship from China—most likely the garbage? All I can say is SCAM.

  6. I can also attest to the excavator being a fake. It’s a small plastic toy with no hydraulics that you can wrap your hand around. No working tracks just tiny plastic wheels. The video is not of this toy. Do not buy this item!!!

  7. i was looking at this for my grandson thank you ! too badd it looked like something he’d love to sit with his dad and play with. 🙁

  8. I made purchases from Modernindigo on11/21.
    One item was supposed to be a Rechargeable 24V Lithium Mini Chainsaw for $49.99, however, the item I received on 12/7 was a small chain, about the length of a necklace, with a key ring attached to each end! This is supposed to be my rechargeable chainsaw! Definitely a scam.
    The other items I ordered were children’s’ board games which I have not received yet.
    I have not been able to contact this company. All day today (Wednesday) phone number has a recorded message stating “Thank you for calling. We are not open right now. Please call back later” in an American female voice. I also sent an email to the listed address but have not received any response.
    When I contacted my credit card company, it appears the payments totaling $155.70 went to a company named “Jack and Jill” ??? Modernindigo is nowhere listed on my statement.
    How do I get my money back if they don’t respond to my messages?

  9. We also ordered an excavator & all we received was a plastic toy which fitted into our mail box. Very disappointed, but as they say
    “If it looks too good to be true it’s probably a scam” and in this case it was.

  10. SCAM. Liars, cheats and thieves. The product “description” relative to the advertised price SHOULD have been a clue to me… Stupid me to think offering was legit.

  11. Yes I have been caught too…..The site should be closed down I have made complaints to credit card company and waiting for response but not holding my breath
    Very over priced to what turns up in the post I paid 130 $ for what is worth 30$ for an excavator, and 100$ for a monster truck worth 40$ both cheap junk

  12. I too was taken by this scam. People like this should be put in jail. I bought the RC excavator and … as mentioned above they give you a small toy in the mailbox. Very deceiving. At least when you buy from you have some expectation of a legit deal with some back-up from the company for 3rd party sellers. I tried to give the ‘small guy’ a chance to compete…NOT AGAIN! Burn me once….

  13. I’m pissed! I received a tiny excavator plastic toy which is not what I thought I was getting. I ordered a huge one that as the picture and video shows would have to be physically loaded into a vehicle. A car battery? More like a AAA. I could have easily gone to a store and bought the same piece of junk. This definitely is a scam and I wouldn’t order a damn thing from this place. I will be reporting to officials. Let’s see if they refund my money.

  14. what I received was a joke it looked nothing like when I viewed it on their web site. It was nothing more than a board of letters cutout on a board that glow in the dark. the board felt like a piece of cardboard. I have called them 4 times to no help all I get is a recording that they are closed. I ordered this on Nov 29th just received on Dec 18th. I only spent $34.00 but that is not the point, the least they can do is return my call and money. Be careful if you see something you want to order from MODERNINDIGO.

  15. I bought the excavator. It is a piece of junk. Got scammed too. I am going through my credit card company to try to get money back. Hope it works

  16. I also got scammed with the excavator and it’s about as big as a shoeboxe. It’s fabricated in China with plastic. I think it’s worth $10 and not $70. After many emails I get some response that I can return the excavator and get a refund. But sending the excavator from Europe to China cost about $30,- so I have to infest more money to get rid of this junk! I hope I will see the $70 be refund! What you can do is claim your money back from Paypal if you payed with them or your creditcard company! This is clearly a scam because they have delivered a product that is almos as described you don’t have really got a way to fight this. The modern indigo or krafty products website will disappear with the money in January 2021. I also blame the money companies like PayPal for providing the means to scam so many people and not doing anything! I have contacted them beginning of December that this was a scam and they should have frozen modern Indigo account, but they didn’t! I will keep contacting PayPal and demanding they help us!

    Adres I got from Modern Indigo warehouse:
    (Don’t know it’s real or fake)
    Room303, Buiding A, Yongchang Industrial Area, Lixin Road NO.16, Nanwan Street
    Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China ( Zip Code: 518116 )
    Name: Alisa Wong Phone number: +8618320850314

  17. Just received the excavator SCAM so small my dog can carry it. My son was so disappointed his stomach turned and went to sleep crying.. feel like such a fool.

  18. I bought a ceramic ionic flat iron more that one month and didn’t receive it yet. I contact them and this guy Micheal told me same thing bla bla bla check the tracking number. I want to know when I gonna get it and he just told me to track my package and I did many time but my package was stock some where for long time . Look like he don’t care how long I’m waiting. Is my first time buying through this website and my last one of course. I suggest no body buy through them NEVER .

  19. Thanks for the here !!!
    I was abt to order $200. Worth of this apparent junk!
    They should be shut down, lowlife,
    filthy animals! Warn everyone on Social media- so this punkass operation gets little to no business at all***

  20. I’m sure I’ve been scammed. I’ve been waiting nearly a month for the Robot I ordered for my grandson for Christmas. Here it is the 22nd and I’m still waiting. I was told I’d receive it on 12/7–two weeks ago! When I check the tracking number and where it is ‘on the map’, nothing has changed. I spent $45 and I’m sure I’ll never get that money back. I friggin’ HATE CHINA!!! Never again. They are nothing but thieves and scum in that country!

  21. Modern Indigo is indeed a scam. They use existing real videos and infomercials to draw in a customer. They then fraudulently past those over a cheap Chinese knock off products. They then send them out just in time to ensure it goes past their 30-day return window. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM MODERN INDIGO. if you search for the product you want it is likely listed somewhere else. I also wanted a full metal, really cool excavator for my kids for Christmas. I paid almost $100 for it and received a remote control excavator that I wouldn’t pay $10.00 for. It also made it to me on day 26 of the 30 return. I asked for a refund from the company and they want me to pay to return it to China and will not issue the refund until they receive the product. I feel that I will pay another $40-$50 to ship it back, they will get a free showbox RC toy and keep my original payment.

  22. They are tremendous thieves, a robbery, they are shameless fraudulent, don’t buy anything on this page shameless thief.
    te muestran un video de un juguete y te envian una porqueria que ni se parece a lo que anuncian, conclusion, UNOS LADRONES de la epoca moderna, ese es el nombre que devieran tener,

  23. i ordered a dancing robot from modernindigo, dec. 4th. haven’t heard a thing. tried contacting them and got a girls voice that said they were closed. i knew right there that it was not good. i called 2 days befor christmas. people should complain to pinterest to block there adds, because they are ripping everyone off. i will never order anything again that i see on pinterest. i thought it was a trusted sight.

  24. Hello everyone
    Im Rui from Portugal
    Today i received the Rc Monster Size Excavator and i publish the following review on modernindigo customer reviews:
    “Hi Everyone
    Please dont buy it!!!!
    This is not the MONSTER SIZE RC EXCAVATOR…This is a cheap plastic 10 bucks toy!!!
    And now i have to pay to send it back to China for a refund!!!
    Bad Bad experience, last time in this modernindigo website
    Thanks from Portugal”

    They didnt publish it…….I thought this was an US website……


  25. I to was caught off guard by this company. Ordered the “Monster Excavator”. Site does say, monster out of stock, but are sending the piece of junk they sent, like others on this site. Box was damaged on both ends. ” Modern Indigo, we try our best to package our products as best as possible”. Mine was shipped in a black plastic bag. Great packing folks!!! I haven’t opened box yet to see if toy is damaged. $69 for a $10 CVS toy. Wish I would have done my homework also. Bought some other items that haven’t showed yet. I am sure its going to be the low quality garbage as the excavator. What a way to end 2020! Hopefully the company will rot in Hell!!!

  26. Also got scammed. Bought my son the dancing robot ($70) which was like 2 feet tall, danced , had a camera and could follow your movements.. did my research.. looked up reviews.. all had good reviews (obviously staged by the horrible awful human beings) Checked Amazon and could only find a small one with a remote that didn’t do too much, half the size, talked in a weird chinese accent ($22). Opted to spend the $70 on the cooler one.. yep guess which one came in the mail, 5 days after Christmas to top it off.. the $22 dollar one from Amazon that I could have gotten in 2 days with free shipping. Jerks!! Yeah I’ll stay local for sure from now on.

  27. November 24,2020 I ordered a cordless mini chainsaw fir my husband for Christmas. What I received was a “sawtooth” chain necklace with a Santa keychain attached! Didn’t match the photo or description of what I supposedly purchased for $54.90!! I have emailed and called numerous times to no avail. Cheats and thieves! Good thing I used PayPal. At least they don’t have my credit info.

  28. RC excavator…. Scammed scammed, website completely fake- all the TC written clearly but customer service- Michael who always denied everything written on their website.

    when the shipment came , the toy box is like a toddler shoe box… always shipped from china.

    absolutely false advertising about products/ shipment and refund procedures…


  29. So, here’s what happens. You buy it expecting what was advertised. You receive a product about a month later. The product doesn’t do what the advertising said it does. You ask to return it and find out that the shipping cost back to China is 2/3 of what you paid for the item. You say to yourself, “not worth the hassle.” You give it away or throw it away because it is a reminder to yourself that you too are gullible.

  30. This company is a scammer. If you purchase from them make sure you use Paypal because I can guarantee you’ll be asking for your money back.
    Want more info you can call me on +61402227777

  31. the 4k Professional drone is a scam too. they charged my credit card immediately and it’s been a e weeks and it’s still being prepared for delivery. DON’T BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! They take your money and don’t deliver

  32. as a very keen r/c remote control model collector i too questioned the scale that they indicated the model you were going to purchase. knowing full well this was incorrect information i emailed same to get confirmation and they then sent me a picture of a completely different model. when i replied to them that this was false advertisement and the advertisement / picture should be removed they just sent me a screen shot of a smiley face…… keep well clear of this lot.

  33. Modern indigo is a scam don’t buy from them there are thieves what i got was a small truck not what they showed on the video.

  34. Yep those dirty sons of biches got me too for the monster excavator. I did send one of the most Brutal Emails I’ve ever sent anyone to them. Demanding my money back. But I doubt very much if any of them can read more then basic words. Lucky I went thru PayPal. this claim goes against a company called Argonauts online which is related to modern indigo where I bought it from.

  35. What a rip off. when I saw the excavator, I didn’t think, I want that for my great grandson, I should have been smarter, it was about a tenth of the size they showed in the video, again common should tell you, but a lot of people just buy from the heart, not thinking. How can you stop miserable crooks like that?

  36. They are a fraudulent company scamming people with false advertising and dont care because they operate out of china. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE.

  37. I received my order on Feb 5, 2021, but the product did not fit well. I emailed to inquire about a return authorization. I received a reply that I had to pay for return of the merchandise to China. The amount to return the item well exceeds what I paid for. Their website states return policy, but not mentioning that the return cost is on customer or the return address is in China. I have sent 2 emails, asking to provide return address in US, but no response. I just don’t want to waste the product or money! I don’t think they are doing a good business.

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