Mcdonalds Sainsburys Review (Sep 2020) Reviews.

Mcdonalds Sainsburys Review

Mcdonalds Sainsburys Review (Sep 2020) Reviews. >> This article gave you all the relevant information about a renowned restaurant that claims to have the best hamburgers.

The one relationship that you can’t break up with is with your tummy. As they say, you are what you eat, and the journey towards a thousand pounds begins with a single burger. But do you want to ignore those quintessential mouth-watering dishes? That is a tough one. We have mentioned all the ventures established in the United States and the United Kingdom.

To expand your knowledge about a particular restaurant delivering happiness, continue reading the following article. You can also check McDonald’s Sainsburys Reviews to know the visitor’s experience.

What is McDonald’s?

McDonald’s is an American fast-food giant that is known for its hamburgers throughout the world. It was founded by Richard and Maurice McDonalds during 1940, with its headquarters in California, United States. Critically thinking about cultural and demographical factors has played a significant role in the expansion of their business.

In terms of revenue, it is coined as the world’s largest restaurant chain. Interestingly, it is also the second-largest private employer in the world. As of 2020, there are approximately 38000 outlets.

Albeit McDonald’s is best known for its hamburgers and fries, they also provide delicious wraps, breakfast items, milkshakes, and yes, desserts do not forget about the desserts!

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McDonald’s at Sainsbury’s:

The restaurant is located at the heart of Crawley (United Kingdom). Since it is open throughout the week from 6 am to 11 pm, it acts as flexible and a convenient option for the people living in Crawley. At Sainsbury’s, a large amount is attracted to the restaurant not only because of the delicious food but also because of the other facilities like baby care, free Wi-Fi, and drive through.

With a big chain restaurant opening in the city, it had hurt the town center shops’ trading. Although, according to the survey quality of the food is far more superior.

McDonald’s Sainsburys Reviews has mentioned all the details about the same you need to be aware of.

People’s reviews about the restaurant:

Maintaining its reputation McDonald’s at Sainsbury is delivering high-quality fresh food. With the introduction of a drive-through facility, the restaurant’s sales have gone higher since people going to their offices find it easy to grab the food of their choice and eat it whenever they are unoccupied.

Moreover, finishing the meal with a delicious dessert is also loved by a large number of customers. This restaurant has also helped in generating employment opportunities for the residents.

Thus, it can be said that there are optimistic McDonald’s Sainsburys Reviews.

Some of the negative points that were common among the customers were related to the seating arrangements downstairs. Some customers had also dealt with the workforce’s hostile behavior, but the restaurant manager has resolved that problem.


Maintaining a healthy diet is essential, but a treat once in a while won’t bother your abs. Moreover, you only live once and should get the best out of it, keeping in mind that excess of everything leads to unpleasantness.

This restaurant is considered low on pocket and big on the tummy. Hence, a must for all. She is having good customer support service and a great ambiance.

One thing to keep in mind, if you are going to the restaurant with a family having kids and grandparents, it is advised to book seats in advance to avoid any complication.


  1. I went to the drive through to get the new Travis Scott burger, I was so excited but when I got to the window to get my food a girl named Ameliah shit on my food and called my grandpa an old jap

  2. Amelia told me to fuck off and then pulled down her pants in front of me and showed me her hairy vagina. I was so disgusted!!! Definitely a bad restaurant

  3. There are no words to express my discontent with the customer service at this location. Specifically worker ameiliah. I DEMAND she be fired due to the customer service I received. She took my son named Travis and said “Come here ya lil travy patty wit the ass too fatty”. My son is six.

  4. Super annoyed is all I have to say. Amelia walked right up to my window and cut off my legs and I already didn’t have arms so now I’m limbless. 1 star review

  5. I went with my whole family and we were very excited to try the Travis Scott meal for the first time and as we pulled up to the drive way one of the workers named ameliah jumped in front of our car and proceeded to urinate on our hood. I am very dissatisfied with our service even more so because as we were leaving she got a hamburger and pooped in it and threw it into our car. We have not been able to get the feces stains out of the car seats 🙁

  6. ameliah in the drive thru told me”go on a diet you fat piece of shit” when i asked for a big mac meal. When i told her it’s for my dying grandpa, she said “good i hope he dies” and then threw 4 ketchup packets at me

  7. All of these people are full of it. I can guarantee none of this happened because I was served by Ameliah (they can’t even bother to spell her name right half the time!!) and she was lovely. These people are trying to play a sick joke because they have no empathy for a kind girl who’s just trying to do a good job. That’s traumatizing and she deserves better!

  8. So I come here everyday and I do not enjoy any time Ameliah is my server in the drive thru. I see her making TikToks in the back. She should be replaced. She needs to learn how to be more responsible. I don’t even know why I’m complaining anyone who works at McDonald’s is a fucking idiot anyways. Whatever.

  9. Amelia was working when I went to collect travis scott burger and she stood up on the counter pulled down her pants and urinated all over my patty with her hairy vag. Very un pleasant experience.

  10. Y’all are just a bunch of haters! My server Ameliah was such a nice girl. We did a bunch of Tik-Tok dances and she even gave me a hand with my order in my car. She deserves a raise!

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  12. Well I came through to get the travis Scott burger. For my boy. Then right away I got the chills from this lady names Amelia. She wouldnt stop staring awkwardly at my son and kept making fun of his disability. She was disrespectfully laughing and pointing at my son because he has downsyndrom. I have never been more disgusted in a drive true restaurant in my life. I demand she be fired right away. Get someone in there that isn’t such a you know what. This restuarant is getting my one star review and I’m gonna call a health inspector to get you fellas checked out.

  13. I’m from another country. But still Wanna leave a response about Ameiliah. She is really good and amazing. Seriously, if I ever come to your country I’ll meet her at your Macdonalds. You’re so lucky having her.
    Love you a lot Ameiliah.

  14. Everything was amazing order was right And still warm ,only one thing was unpleasant – finding folded paper with Amelia’s phone number in my cheeseburger . Gonna call her she is super sweet but you didn’t have to ruin my meal.
    I want refund for sure

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  16. I was trying to order two big mac meals for myself and my sister but when we got to the window this girl named Amelia was fingering herself with our fries, then proceeded to put them back in the bag and then queefed into the bag and wrapped it up saying “I thought you ordered a fish sandwich OOPS”. Terrible service. Burger didn’t even taste like fish it just tasted like shit. The patty must’ve been made of shit or something. Worst birthday experience I’ve ever had.

  17. Amelia was a kind teenage girl who took my order with a smile and proper grammar. My burger was perfect, and the meat wasn’t left hanging out like all the other times I went to McDonald’s. Amelia is definitely my favourite person there, and I’m very happy with my meals whenever she is the one to take my order. Thank you Amelia.

  18. amelia need to be banished from crawly , my son bill wanted cucumber with ketcup and got piss in his eye instead ameila is a silly goose

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  20. amelia need to be banished from crawly , my son bill wanted cucumber with ketcup and got piss in his eye instead ameila is a silly goose

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