McDonalds Cheeseburger 25 Cents (Jan 2021) Use It!

McDonalds Cheeseburger 25 Cents (Jan 2021) Use It!

McDonalds Cheeseburger 25 Cents (Jan 2021) Use It! >> The write-up is to share the new cheeseburger deal at a throwback price by McDonald’s.

On every Thursday, McDonald’s fans can buy a cheeseburger for only 25 cents. It is part of the ongoing throwback Thursday deal by the fast-food chain. The catch of the deal is that users have to download and order from the McDonald’s mobile application and spend at least $1 to activate it. Learn more about McDonald’s Cheeseburger 25 Cents deal.     

The deal for one month, and all users in the United States can enjoy the throwback Thursday deal. But, users have to download the official application of McDonald’s to order and grab the throwback Thursday deal.

What is McDonald’s Cheeseburger 25 Cents Deal?

McDonald’s is the renowned and globally acclaimed fast-food chain known for its mouthwatering menus and burgers. Recently, the fast-food chain has launched a new promotion featuring throwback pricing on the selected menu items every Thursday for the next one month. 

Under the deal, users in the United States can get a cheeseburger for only 25 cents. So, for the next three Thursdays, you can enjoy the stellar deal of the day to order a cheeseburger only for 25 cents. 

However, McDonald’s Cheeseburger 25 Cents deal’s real catch is that it can only be grabbed when ordering from the official McDonald’s application. Users who don’t have the application downloaded already need to download it and spend at least $1 before grabbing the stellar cheeseburger deal for 25 cents. 

The throwback Thursday deal is active now, and it lasts till 18th February 2021. So, mark your calendar for all Thursday to get a hold of the mouthwatering cheeseburger from McDonald’s at 25 cents.    

What are Some of the Other Deals at McDonald’s?

Apart from the throwback deals, McDonald’s offers other offers and discounts for burger lovers. Until next Thursday, you may enjoy the other deals. Some of the upcoming McDonald’s deals apart from McDonald’s Cheeseburger 25 Cents are: 

  • Get the small shake for only 25 cents on 28th January Deal
  • Order for apple pie for only 20 cents on 4th Feb Deal
  • Get a large fries for only 35 cents on 11th Feb Deal
  • Lastly, buy a cheeseburger from McDonald’s at 25 cents on the last Thursday of the deal

However, all these deals are only applicable to the users who order from McDonald’s official application. It is not available on the online website. The official website prices are normal, and there is no discount applicable even during the throwback price deals on Thursday.

How to Order this deal?

As mentioned, you are required to have the McDonald’s official application downloaded already on your mobile to order the 25 cent cheeseburger. Besides, users have to spend at least $1 from the application before ordering the cheeseburger at 25 cents. 

New users who want to grab the deal on the upcoming Thursday must download the official application on their mobile to order the McDonald’s Cheeseburger 25 Cents.   


McDonald’s is the leading fast-food chain, and it keeps on alluring the burger fans with exciting deals and offers. At 25 cents, Cheeseburger is the stellar deal, which is on now and lasts till 18th Feb 2021. 

So, get ready to have the delicious cheeseburger from the fast-food giant at a pocket-friendly rate. If you have anything to add about the deal, please write it down in the comment section.

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